Politics & Pettiness…

I finally had the opportunity late this morning to watch the State of the Union address on a delayed basis from yesterday and found a lot of which to be proud, as well as some things about which I am concerned such as the Dems managing to again sit on their hands and neglect standing even for the special people who have suffered greatly for this country and our freedom as they were introduced by our President.

The pure, unadulterated pettiness of the Democrats was simply disgusting.  I don’t mind so much anymore when they intentionally snub our President.  That simply shows how small-minded people can be when they’re not on top of all the goodies that lead to majorities with which various decisions are made.

They prefer to convey an improper image of our country and our affirmation to do what is right without regard to who may be at the top of the pile politically.  They are far worse than children since they are adults, or at least are of the age to have matured into adults.  There were heartbreaking stories told about people in the audience for who everyone but the Democrats stood and or/ applauded to show their concern and support.  I cannot imagine what the Dems think they’ll achieve by acting up as children would, simply to demonstrate again just how uncaring and immature they are.  They accomplish the precise opposite of what we’d think they want to demonstrate.  If they continue to be immature, we conservatives can probably get more and more used to voting Republican knowing that our votes will make that party a ‘conservative’ Republican party.

President Trump did a wonderful, heartwarming and meaningful job with the presentation he made, with his introductions of people in the audience and by eloquently explaining why they found themselves there as invited guests.  He made some requests of Congress in which the Dems couldn’t even begin to show any interest…or even demonstrate a lack of interest.  They were simply there and they were doing everything possible to make themselves look like uncaring, unsympathetic fools.  If that was their goal, they achieved that goal masterfully.

Among the lines that were part of President Trump’s talk was this about the welcoming of people into our country which referenced the DACA situation involving those labeled dreamers about democracy; he said purely and simply that Americans are “dreamers, too”.  That helped, I thought to convey the fact that those who dream get things done within the framework of rules, regulations, and laws in contrast to the “Dreamers” who are in our country illegally but who are the darlings of the Democrats so they can be used simply as tools, and ultimately as voters dedicated to the Dems.

It seems that we are now in the routine of Democrats playing their petty games unless and until they have control of the Oval Office again.  They seem to not give much thought to whether or not a majority would vote for them when we all know they are overgrown kids who can only pout…even when on national television at a time when sincerity and adult behavior was warranted, and especially when trying to act as adults might’ve gathered them another 100 or so votes come election time.

In contrast, we saw people who were willing to give their all for this democracy and who succeeded and were present, and we learned of people who had given their all and perished as the result.

The pure politics and pettiness that were the watchwords for the Dems once again blew up in their respective faces.  I know us conservatives gain every time they act up like this, but I cannot help but ask why they insist on this kind of action knowing it will again blow up in their faces.  That seems to be the definition of utter stupidity and it seems they do not understand that, thus qualifying for that label.

President Trump was at the top of his game, was sincere and fully in command of the event.


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