President Trump’s First Year…

Listening to Jay Weber on WISN 1130 radio this morning I was quite pleasantly surprised to hear him say that President Trump has been given high marks by the Heritage Foundation for his first year in the Oval office.  He has accomplished some 64%, nearly two-thirds, of the Foundation’s list of things they’d like to see accomplished by a conservative President, by any President, of course, but certainly by a President calling him or herself a “conservative”.  And this list is not a short little list you’d place on your refrigerator with a cute little magnet.  It is several pages in length and can be found, if you’re interested, on the Heritage Foundation website.

Given all the flak he has had to get through, all day every day, from the Democrats and some Republicans, and given the mainstream media’s obvious bias against him let alone against conservative thought, this is a fantastic level of accomplishment from the perspective of those of us of the conservative persuasion.

It is seldom that we see everything he has accomplished quantified in such a simple way.  Almost two-thirds of our conservative wish list (as seen by the Heritage Foundation) has been done.  He has only begun to govern and has had to swim against the tide every day since he was elected.  If you read yesterday’s blog you know the degree of difficulty experienced as he has had to go against virtually everyone on the Dem side and way more than I’d like to see on the Republican side of the aisle.

If you are conservative, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t, you know that the wishy-washy slightly right-of-center Republicans can be worse with which to deal than are the Democrats.  That is especially true given the fractured nature of the Republican majority with a decidedly more conservative segment numbering more than 140 seats that complicates much of the process which has to be gotten through before the votes are called.

The Republican side of the aisle too often has reminded me, as an outsider, of an anthill immediately after it has been stepped on.  The Republicans seem to be running in every direction but forward, while the Dems are sitting back watching with smiles on their collective faces.  I love the idea of the Freedom Caucus but there comes a time when we have to come together if anything is to be accomplished.  Rep. Paul Ryan, of whom I am a big fan, has had his hands full as the Republican leader but yet much has been accomplished as the Heritage Foundation has pointed out.

So, in spite of what we’ve seen and heard from the collective media blowhards, we learn from the Heritage Foundation that our President and Republicans in Congress have gotten a lot done, and the promise is that more will be accomplished as we move forward on the calendar.

All this with a man in the Oval Office that we were led to believe was never going to be capable of the Presidency, who by all press accounts ought to have been run from town by now.  And yet, he is getting the job done along with his member constituency in Congress amidst some of the toughest confrontations anyone in that office has witnessed in many terms.  I watched, by the way, as he interacted with the leaders of some of the very largest companies in the world at Davos a few days ago, and as they each told of how much more they were investing in the American business-base.  That was something that couldn’t have been imagined by the most delirious Democrat of the former president who has now laid the trap for our current President discussed yesterday.

What do you think?  Has the press in general been wrong about our President?  Have the skids been greased only to find that this President finds the ways around the pitfalls and petty traps laid for him?  Has Rep. Ryan done a yeoman’s job in spite of the differing sides within the Republican caucus?

I believe we are riding a massive wave of pent-up demand for conservative thought and action even though many couldn’t define that as being conservative.  Liberal thought is that which requires a bit of a smirk as it is being laid out for consumption.  Conservative thought is simple, straight-forward and works every time it is relied upon.  Ideally, more Americans will come to see that in these next few years and we’ll find more having been persuaded of those things we’ve held near and dear for years.

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