Liberals ‘Organizing for America’…

Former President Barack Obama and Michelle, and any number of backers have begun what appears to be their third term in office, and this term will be unlimited in years of existence, through this organization created to perpetuate the Obama gift for organizing others around his basic belief system.  There is a piece that has been circulating with attribution to Barack Obama and his new site where he apparently intends to continue his “presidency” (note the small “p”) by assisting as many other Obama-believers as possible in the art of political organizing.

The site is named Organizing for Action (OFA) and the site, if the name is accurate and there is no reason to doubt that, gives us an idea of just how this will work.  Another piece, apparently incorrectly attributed to Charles Krauthammer, has been circulating and appears to be reasonably accurate given a comparison of its content to the new OFA site.  That piece, of now indeterminant origin, contains information that appears to track well with the website of OFA.  This is a political organizer’s ‘wet dream’ in that everything ever before beyond the reach of grassroots organizers has been well-concocted and can be found on the OFA site.  A couple of clicks and they’re on their way spouting whatever they choose.

Couple this new site and the tremendous advantages it gives to the organizers who worship the ground Obama walks on and we see that this is likely going to make a big difference in politics as you and I have known that animal.  The toolset included for people who sign on is complete.  The engine to make that all work has apparently been included so that even the smallest entity can appear huge simply due to the professional exposure it can command almost overnight.  The liberal web has been built.

I suspect that, given its sophistication, this site and all the precursor activities necessary was/were well-underway sometime before Trump was elected, probably at least by the start of Obama’s second term.

All of this is, of course, aimed today at the Trump Administration in the hope that it can derail Trump’s administration through the establishment of obstacles heretofore not imaginable by smaller groups.  It is organized to promote “progressive” change issues and the agenda includes gun control, socialistic healthcare, sexual equality, climate change, and immigration reform.

If you think about this, it can be seen as an attempt to give voice to movements against anything and everything Trump.  By filing suit with activist liberal judges, almost anything can be delayed and obfuscated by such an organization with an apparently “evangelical” leader such as the former President behind it like the proverbial puppet pulling the strings.  It essentially could give former-President Barack Obama and his followers a third term in office.  They can “judge-shop” all day every day if they choose, and there is simply a seemingly-endless supply of liberal judges from which to choose.

This is a not-so-well-camouflaged attempt to almost literally end the Trump Presidency by obfuscation and the use of delaying tactics heretofore unseen.  The votes you and I cast for Donald Trump are dangerously close to being figuratively tossed out/ignored by virtue of the backdoor takeover of government through an organizer’s website and judge-shopping.

But one more example of the disingenuousness of the liberal movement.  This ought to serve as a wake-up call for all people, not just conservatives.  This is a carefully assembled, well-oiled liberal machine now capable of mischief, and worse, on a massive scale, courtesy of the immediate-past President whom we will continue to pay for the balance of his lifetime.

If you doubt this statement, pay attention to what you see and hear over the coming weeks and months.  Already you have a well-worn liberal telling Israel not to get too comfortable in Jerusalem since he will be running for President in 2020 and he plans to overturn that decision.  Our government’s ability to make things change will be inhibited through the sheer strength of numbers this website will permit to be assembled in short order.

Couple this kind of behind-the-scenes activism with liberal judges and you find a witches’ brew that has never before been possible to concoct.  Our President is close to being a really lame ‘lame duck’ even before he has become fully engaged in his first term…all thanks to the disingenuous empire builder named Barack Obama who was nothing more than a non-voting member of the Illinois Senate before the Dems glommed onto him as their hoped-for party savior.

I suspect both the Dems and those of us who didn’t vote Democrat got a lot more than we ever imagined would be possible since we presumed anyone vying for that office would be an honest person.  Think about the accusations hurled against now President Trump and try to make the comparison to what he is and to what we are finally coming to understand the guy he replaced really is and was.


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