The “Schumer Shutdown”, Pure & Simple (Edited)

There can be no mistaking who bears responsibility for this current political snit-fit.  Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY).  He and his cronies love to be divisive, and they yearn for divisiveness after a period of time passes when we’re all getting along reasonably well.  It seems they just have to get their “power jollies” every-so-often if things have been working too well for you and me.

Timing can be critical in politics, and the timing of this Schumer Shutdown will be with us in the Fall election cycle.  He thinks he timed this perfectly; I suspect the majority of us, including many Dems, will have different thoughts.

We could talk about what must be in a man that so craves the public light that he’ll even stoop to these kinds of lows.  A young woman telephoned the local talk show I listened to this morning to say that she, working for a Republican office-holder, was not working in her Washington office today given the shutdown, and went on to add that her husband, an active Army man stationed in that area, was also being impacted by the shutdown.  They are worried they’ll be unable to sustain themselves for more than a week since both have been hit by the Schumer Shutdown.  Neither is making the ‘big bucks’ we think of when we think of Washington, D.C.

This is a reminder that mice get crushed when elephants dance, an old story but abt nonetheless.  You and I and all the other taxpayers are the mice.  Sen. Schumer and his supporting cohorts are the elephants.  They do not care, actually don’t even think about, all the ‘little people’, coincidentally also taxpayers, when they elect to embark on stupidity such as this temper tantrum.  If your child had such a tantrum, you’d deal with it immediately, but, unfortunately, we have no parental control over Schumer and Company.

Now, let’s think about this is slightly different terms.  Sen. Schumer is acting out like a spoiled child with his temper tantrums.  This is dysfunctional and angering at best, and frightening at worst.  This man is one the three most powerful leaders in Washington, D.C.  If he cannot be trusted to avoid temper tantrums, which is precisely what this was and is, we are in serious trouble.  If he has to resort to name-calling like claiming that negotiating with President Trump was like negotiating with Jello, can he possibly be trusted in his official capacity?  If Schumer is so fortunate, President Trump may simply let that remark lie in the gutter with the rest of that day’s detritus.

Schumer is a guy who wants more illegals in our country.  He does not want a “Wall” no matter the form that takes.  He has a history of flying off the proverbial handle.  Purely and simply, Sen. Chuck Schumer has once again demonstrated that he cannot be trusted to be so far up the governing Totem pole as he is today.  If there are some that feel concerned by Donald Trump sitting in the Oval office, Sen. Schumer is much more to be feared, and he shows it time and again; that group ought to be petrified over this latest charade.

The idea that this action is simply him asserting his power to make a political point is incorrect.  This is the action of a man who already has too much power and who has again demonstrated that he cannot handle the power he has.  The childish tantrums he throws in front of TV cameras and microphones are embarrassing to watch, no matter your political views.  He cares not one whit about you and me.  He cares only about his stature apparently since without that he’d be nothing.

  • * * * *The shutdown has been ended with an apparent agreement between the factions.  Various things are supposed to happen along a time-line so we’ll see how well entities play together going forward.

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