OK, We’re “Shut Down”…

OK,  we’re shut down, now what happens?  What services won’t we receive?  If these services were deemed sufficiently “non-essential” to be played with like chess pieces on a board, how could they be “essential”?  Essential is defined as absolutely necessary; indispensable; requisite.

If the people sent home without pay were actually as defined, non-essential, we must not be able to function since we are missing those who are “absolutely necessary; indispensable, and requisite.

The long and short of it is this: these people are not as defined.  The government is playing with us again, or at least part of the government is playing with us again.  Since the Dems rely on this wonderful tool to make us think there are those whom we absolutely cannot do without, we must not be functioning very well today.

We all know better or should know better.  This is the now-classic Democrat ploy to be used when they’ve not been able to manipulate and bully the Republicans to do as the Dems want them to do.  Hold up on approval of funding to make us, the taxpayers buying the services, hurt enough that the Dems can score points against the Republicans.

Here is the list of people deemed, for this exercise by the Dems, as essential and then non-essential, the non-essentials must be feeling really good about themselves this morning knowing that they are actually dispensable for the Dems have told them so in so many unspoken words (note that if half or more of the employees were sent home, I have those numbers in boldface to draw particular attention to them since each of those departments or agencies has half or more total people that are deemed unessential for functioning):

Defense workers (as of Sep. of 2015):  78% of the 721,333 defense workers are furloughed this morning.

Veteran’s Affairs workers (as of Dec. of 2017): 0nly 4% of 377,018 employees were deemed dispensable.

Homeland Security workers (as of Sep. of 2015): 13% of 232,860 employees were shown the exit.

Justice workers (as of Dec. of 2017): 17% of114,647 employees were sent home.

Treasury workers (as of Dec. of 2017): 83% of 88,268 employees were sent home.

Agricultural workers (as of Sep. of 2015): 78% of 85,329 were dispensable.

Health & Human Services workers (as of Jan. 2017): 50% of 82,148 employees were sent home.

Interior workers (as of Dec. 2017): 68% of 67,319 employees were sent home.

Transportation workers (as of Dec. 2016): 36% of 54,616 employees were sent home.

Commerce workers (as of Dec. 2017): 87% of 47,896 employees were dispensable.

Labor workers (as of Jan. 2018): 83% of 15,383 employees were deemed dispensable.

Energy workers (as of Sep. 2015): 73% of 14,887 employees were furloughed.

Environmental Protection Agency workers (as of Dec. 2017): 95% of 14,449 employees were sent home.

Housing & Urban Development workers (as of Sep. 2015): 96% of 7,797 employees were sent home.

Education workers (as of Sep. 2015): 95% of 4,191 were sent home.

State:  No numbers available; maybe they were short the one staffer who’d have had the numbers available.


This feeble exercise that is apparently periodically necessary from the Dems’ perspective points out the serious issues we have in our bloated government.  If an employee is not essential, why is he or she employed?  How many non-essential employees do we find in the typical privately-owned company?  Few, if any.

If an employee in the private sector is not essential, it can be ascribed to the owner being benevolent or maybe making a job for a son or daughter or two. If 50% or more in the national government are non-essential, there is a real and significant problem involved.

We the people need to be more involved than we apparently are, and we need to be sufficiently discerning of what we’re paying for services received when we step into those voting booths.  The Democrats are the bloaters; the Republicans (conservatives, actually) are those who want a dollar’s worth for every dollar paid.  Not a difficult concept except in national government.  That government is obviously too far removed from we the people and thus is able to continue to get away with highway robbery via tax policy.

A good rule-of-thumb is ‘Dems bad…CONSERVATIVES GOOD!’

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