Disingenuous Dems…

National politics is interesting and, at the same time, maddening.  The political posturing that substitutes for high-minded politics that helps this nation is also maddening.  The politicos have highjacked our democracy and are using it simply to feather their own nests.

The most artful in this respect appear to be the Democrats.  I suppose they have a lesser level of ethical concern and a greater level of self-interest at any cost and these things make them stand-outs in this “game”.  Maybe there are a few Republicans that are near the Dems in terms of their abilities to practice the same disingenuous form of politics, but the Dems have the lock on that brand, have had for years, and will have for decades to come.

There is a certain ability to completely wipe out memories from even a few minutes ago and to continue to press on to their objective…which is to win each argument and each mini-battle at whatever cost it takes.  The cost to personal reputation matters to Republicans because they are continually assailed whether or not there is anything to the accusations.  On the other hand, it appears that the voters favoring Dems have a different take on what constitutes good political behavior, fairness in debate and the ability to admit when one is wrong or has been bested in the debate.

This all is something like the playground bullies of our childhood.  We knew we might encounter them, but we also knew we would be threatened to make believe that we liked the bullies.  The risk of not feigning ‘like’ was a punch in the stomach or the arm, or being tripped and hit while trying to get up, and while trying to avoid showing that they had hurt us.

The playground bullies have apparently found their calling; they can become Democrats and rise to the heights never before contemplated in their bullying youth.

Now, if we had a press corps that was really doing its job, we might be granted some of their thoughts on the bullies across the aisle.  Those people who cannot defend their own positions so they constantly attack the other side’s positions on everything.  But we do not see that, do we?  If you know where to find that side represented, please share that with me and the readers of this blog.

There is a new Sheriff in town, though; a fellow by the name of Trump.  He has grown up in that rough and tumble…we call it New York City…and he has demonstrated that he can play with the roughest and toughest of the opposition and emerge with barely a sweat to show for the battle.  Were this not the case, there’d have been no rash of investigations all aimed at finding an Achilles’ heel.  Those still continue with the Dems after anything and everything Republican…while Bill and Hillary Clinton languish in the money they managed to accumulate in politics that doesn’t outwardly seem to pay that much, but…they are Dems so they get a pass.

The Obamas appear to have benefitted significantly more than the salary of the President would’ve suggested possible.  This was a backbench state Senator from Illinois who rose to the peak of government, and who retires and lives in what you and I would label an extravagant manner.  How is it that this occurs in virtually every Democrat’s case, but it is only Republicans that suffer through investigation after investigation…at the hands of Democrat operatives, as well.

The Dems have perfected the art form of continually harassing the opposition to the point that the opposition can only choose to defend itself or fight back but not do both.  Of course, this would not be so easy IF there were even one news organization that could see its way clear to calling this what it is.  The Fourth Estate, defined as a segment of society that wields an indirect but significant influence on society even though it is not a formally recognized part of the political system, has the power to keep the Republicans on the proverbial ropes while it completely ignores the Dems when they hold the power of the Oval Office and/or Congress.

And then we see Oprah Winfrey talking about taking the leap into politics.  It just doesn’t end, does it?  And this is being written while I hear the news in the background about a “government shutdown” by the disingenuous Republicans being lamented by the Dems who can hardly hold their glee in check.  Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) has already warned that people will die if the Republicans don’t relent and give in to the Dems.

Just another wonderful day in ‘The Swamp’.

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