The Rabid Press…

Yesterday’s Press Conference featuring the Navy Admiral/Presidential Physician was an amazing display of our press corps.  These people were out-of-control with the possibility they’d be able to pose a question that would trip up the Admiral and bury the President (figuratively speaking, of course, but only barely).

The feeding frenzy was very telling in its tumultuous, nearly raucous, array of raised hands and breathlessly posed questions with tricky sentence structure hoping to trip up the Admiral.  The Admiral, to his credit as an Officer and a Physician refused to play their game but maintained his poise and professionalism throughout the feeding frenzy.

Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, MD, USN was cool and calm under fire, displayed a wonderful sense of humor, I thought, and the proverbial patience of a Saint.  He was more than up to the test being launched at him.

Now, to the members of the Press Corps:  Grow up, be professional, rid yourselves of the visceral hatred you have for President Trump, and try to maintain a balance between what you are and what you know you should be in your positions.

This went on for about an hour.  There were a handful of themes which were attacked by press questions from 360 degrees around the situation.  The questions were posed so as to try to get the Admiral to venture onto ground that would be more fertile for the writings to follow.  he did what he was sworn to do, he did it very well and he totally disappointed the press corps since he didn’t miss a beat nor did he give an inch.

If anyone needed confirmation of the President’s fitness, physically and mentally, for his office, this was that confirmation and it was provided in spades.

Will this quiet the rabid press?  Highly unlikely for more than yesterday afternoon.  By today, I would be surprised if there were not at least another 100 questions attacking the facts from differing angles that will permit a million more words to be written about this in hopes that some of us dunderheads will actually begin to believe there are issues that should cause the President’s resignation or at least  his removal from office.

These whizbang press people met more than their match yesterday, and the Admiral handled them with aplomb, courtesy, and without being shaken from his military bearing for an instant.

What a show!

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