Fire and Fury – Trump Tell-All?

A new book has been on the streets for a few days and is the ‘talk of the town’ in Washington, D.C. and apparently almost every other ‘town’.  The title of the book is Fire and Fury, and it is by Michael Wolff who is described as being 64, and as having been a columnist for Vanity Fair and a contributor to Hollywood Reporter.  The full title of his new book is Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.  

If you have interest in a preview of sorts, there is an article available today on from which portions of this blog were sourced.  The book is already Amazon’s top-selling book following published excerpts.

This is what you’d expect if you were suspecting a tell-all that was embarrassing to President Trump, the White House and many of the inhabitants of that rarified atmosphere.  It has apparently also miffed members of the White House press pool maybe due to the books’ meteoric rise, and the fact that they were sitting a small distance away as the author ‘apparently’ mined the Oval Office veins for material.

As you may be able to discern, I am a bit of a skeptic, but that might be colored by me being a Trump supporter who sees no reason for this guy to have been given the level of access it appears he was given…unless the book is a total prevarication, and it doesn’t appear to “total” but there certainly seems quite a bit of truth-stretching and maybe even some supposition by the author to be found.

I have talked about draining the swamp as have many others.  There is obviously enough salaciousness to go around if that is what you crave.  It seems that may well have been the driver, along with a bunch of money, for the author to desire to write this book.  I am sure there is fact involved, but I’m not at all sure that there isn’t more supposition and wishful-thinking than fact in some areas.

If this were mounted as a piece of fiction, I doubt it would sell very well.  The plot and the theme are rather shop-worn at this point.  It is not as though only a few verbal shots have already been taken at our President, is it?  This appears without a full reading to be a bed of some facts augmented skillfully and intentionally to result in a salacious reading that makes one doubt the wisdom of you and me having knowingly elected Donald Trump for our President.

The author seems to think this book might be the final stroke in the ending of Trump’s presidency, and that tells us quite a bit if it is true.  There was apparently an intent to do damage in order to make money from having done so…and maybe garnering more personal strokes from the envy of other authors, as well as the money that has to be flowing in his direction now.

A quote from the Weekly Standard piece may just sum this up appropriately:

Wolff has a long history of not only gnawing on his media competition’s skulls for column fodder and his own amusement but also playing fast and loose with facts.  Twenty years ago, the now-defunct Brill’s Content took a hard look at Wolff’s book Burn Rate, a memoir of his time as a hustler, and charged that one of his characters was actually a composite of three people.

This all appears to be ‘much ado about very little’ and it also appears that it satisfies the need of those anti-Trumpers who are buying it as fast as Amazon can get them out the door.

There are certainly things about President Trump many of us would change if we had the opportunity, but there are also redeeming values that make him the right person at the right time without regard to what Michael Wolff might conjecture and contort.

Will I order the book?  Maybe, even though I don’t like the idea of even a penny from me making it to Wolff’s coin purse.

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