Turd in the Punchbowl?

If one were to buy into the very nearly unanimous opinion of the liberal pundits, we would have to see President Donald Trump as the proverbial ‘turd in the punchbowl’.  It is very nearly impossible to go a full day without being subjected to a somewhat slanted or even a totally slanted ‘journalistic’ accomplishment.  Journalists on the left, meaning what seems some 99% of all journalists, simply are bitten by the bug that anything and everything having to do with Trump flies in the face of liberal thought…which from their perspectives means from ‘mainstream’ thought.

You and me, assuming you have a conservative perspective on the goings on in this world, are literally subjected to a daily barrage of liberal thought often disguised to hit those unsuspecting conservatives as middle-of-the-road discussion thus, theoretically, I suppose, wearing down our defenses against liberalism.  Admittedly, it sometimes seems we are to forever be subjected to drinking from a firehose, so far as daily events and their reporting, if we can use that term “reporting” so loosely.  Reporting is, after all, defined as an account or statement describing in detail an event, situation, or the like, usually as the result of observation, inquiry, etc. 

That is what ‘reporting’ really was a decade or two ago.  Yes, there were those liberal reporters who existed in ‘the day’ but they were capable of being identified as to leanings since they were relatively few as compared to today’s crop of so-called “reporters”.  We could locate those press pieces that were conservative thought products fairly easily compared to today.  Today, we embark on the consumption of a piece of so-called ‘reportage’ and end with liberalism dripping from our shoulders given the opinion deluge we just experienced.

Opinion and Editorial pages of yore were where the liberal thinkers’ pieces were published.   Today we find those actual items formerly consumable as more purely fact have become a combination of the limited amount of ‘massaged fact’ necessary to establish the ‘feeling’ of a news item, followed by barely camouflaged, if at all camouflaged, liberal opinion added to further finish the “news” as a nicely wrapped liberal opinion piece and not ‘pure unadulterated news’ at all.

You might assume that since liberal thinkers are now viewed as mainstream, that the conservative thinkers still to be found have been accorded a separate but distinct place so they can be more easily found.  Not in today’s world.  Even the token mention of conservative thought is disguised as the discussion of some kind of dread disease to be avoided at all costs.  Following is a paragraph from This Week of January 19, 2018:

For now, though, “our president’s chaotic mind isn’t going anywhere”, said Ross Douthat in The New York Times.  Trump’s “inability to handle the weight and responsibility of his office” was obvious during the campaign, but he was elected anyway.  And he remains popular in the Republican base.  So you can forget Republicans agreeing to impeachment or using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump on grounds of incapacity.  The most likely outcome, until at least midterm elections, is that we live “the way that America lived in the waning days of Nixon: with a government overseen by patriotic aides and generals dedicated to keeping Trump’s “unfitness from producing a historic calamity.”  It’s mostly worked so far; fingers crossed for 2018.

That paragraph, disgusting, vile and volatile as it is, is an indication of the pure hatred the Left feels for President Trump…and by connection for all us neanderthal conservatives who unfortunately found their way to the polls to elect this poseur.

Try to imagine the level of pure, unadulterated anger the Left will be feeling, if it is even possible to increase the current level, when we, the village idiots of our time, re-elect President Trump to a second four-year term.

The divide between liberals and conservatives has existed for a long, long time.  There was a time when I can recall that liberals were able to kibitz with conservatives or vice versa, and each could have a laugh or two at the others’ expense but without tempers flaring.  It seems we have transcended to a new level with unadulterated hate on the left’s part.

We conservatives have become the political version of a ‘Turd in the Punchbowl’ at least so far as the Eastern Elites’ are concerned.  We need to remember this when we next elect a President, of course assuming our world still exists.  The liberal elites have an illness while us conservatives have a belief system.  Pray that you and I can continue to be the voices of reason in this most dangerous of times.

Hatred is not the basis of good governance.  You and I need to be sure this does not become a fait accompli.  It seems obvious, unfortunately, that liberals do not always have the ability to control themselves and avoid the screed we see above.

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