Lost in the Political Wilderness…

The liberals are lost in the political wilderness as witnessed by the lack of an effective agenda according to a piece this morning in the National Review by Matthew Continetti titled “The Missing Democratic Agenda”.  He uses this opening to get into the discussion of the impending candidacy of Elizabeth Warren, who has been nicknamed ‘squats with Indians’ by a conservative commentator given her barely token bloodline which amounts to something in the range of a 1/24th American Indian heritage.

She has set her sights on a run for the Presidency in the next race for that office, and anything and anyone that could possibly deter her from that run receives an almost instantaneous response from her or her ‘peeps’ or all together.  Continetti speculates as to the people with her while watching television as Oprah’s possible/probable entry into that fray caught everyone’s attention, and their angst, given this potentially eroding Warren’s position as the next ‘rightful heir’ to the throne of the Presidency.

She responded to this by making sure she had face time on the Cable news shows this past week, lest she is forgotten as the mere result of Oprah speculation.  If that is the true measure of ‘squats with Indians’ hold on the public who would need to vote for her, then she has no assurance she’d even emerge high enough up in a primary if there were more candidates at that point.  Maybe second to Oprah’s first would give a little breathing room, but anything less would be the ‘kiss of death’.  And Oprah will have great sway with liberals since she is basically the poster child for liberalism.

Oprah did effectively drain the oxygen from a lot of liberal prospective candidates, not just that of Elizabeth Warren.  The emerging field of Democratic candidates to unseat President Trump was further labeled as “crowded, aged, liberal, boring and pale” by Continetti in his piece.  The mid-term election will likely be something of a determinant for Democrats who are thought to be positioned to benefit from the first two years of the Trump Presidency by the gurus who make such predictions…and who have missed on several already.

Continetti, rightfully in my opinion, questions the Dem’s ability to win given that they have no real agenda.  The ‘dreamer’ issue weighs very heavily with Dems but doesn’t seem to be much of an issue with the rest of the voters. Pew studied voter priorities in a poll some months ago and found that the top three items of concern to the voters were terrorism (76%), the economy (73%) and education (69%).  Immigration, which includes the Dreamer issue, ranked fifteenth in this survey with 43% out of the total of twenty-one options in the survey.  If the Dreamer issue is fifteenth of twenty-one issues, it doesn’t appear to have quite the pizzaz the Dems are hoping for.

Dems seem to have the belief that they can use Dreamers and their treatment as one of their primary themes to justify their election and these poll numbers do not bear that out.  If the Dreamers do not see a beneficial change from the efforts of their apparent benefactors, the Dems, what is to say that they will not resist the mantra that tells them they “have to” vote Democratic?  These are the children of immigrants who have lived as Americans and who can make their own decisions as to which set of political opinions seems most beneficial to their long-term interests.

My opinion, which is worth about as much as yours, maybe less, is that the Dreamers will not permit themselves to be used as the Dems intend them to be used.  They will be quite able to see the realities rather than to fall for claims of their supposed political “benefactors” who use them rather than work diligently to improve their situations.

I am of the firm opinion that these young men and women are and will continue to be discerning individuals who know upon which side their future bread will be buttered.  They will have watched as liberals spin the realities, they’ll understand this is purely and simply a bald-faced attempt to buy their vote, and they’ll council their elders and their peers to not be so gullible as to take the word of Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer that they have the best interests of the Dreamers at the heart of everything they do.

It becomes quite apparent, even to us dimwitted conservatives, when and by whom we are being “played”…and that is exactly what the Dems are doing with the Dreamer issue.  Why find and support positive and proper change when the current situation promises more votes?  Liberals count on the irrational support of their backers through thick and thin, seldom thinking that these supporters are bright enough to recognize when they are being and/or have been used.

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