Another Clinton in Politics? Really?

We probably all knew this would be coming sooner rather than later, BUT does this country really need another Clinton in national politics?  She might be the nicest person ever, but that does not matter to me.  She is the progeny of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Need I say more?  Probably not, but…

This might be seen as akin to naming Bonnie and Clyde as co-national bank commissioners if there is such a position…and knowing how Washington operates there are probably a bevy of folks with similar titles all feeding from the public trough.

Daughter Chelsea, married to Marc Mezvinsky, has two children, a daughter – Charlotte and a son – Aidan.  The family lives in New York City.  She attended Stanford University and has advanced degrees at both Oxford University and Columbia University.  She is Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation.

With Bill out of the political picture other than for whom he might be able to tutor and project onto the political scene, and with Hillary finally, I hope, recognizing that she is not the dearly beloved person she always thought she was given the cloistered world in which she lives/lived, there is a very logical successor-to-be in their daughter.

In essence, Chelsea has always been ‘in’ politics; it is a birthright so to speak given her parentage.  She has lived the life of high politics and seems quite well-suited to that world.

She has witnessed the errors made by both her parents, so should know where the rocks are located thus appearing to walk on water to the Democrats in control of that party.  She would likely appear as a prize candidate by the national Democratic Party which does not have many such candidates coming up the political ladder.  Bill can meet with whomever he needs to in order to get this moving if there is simply a private jet sitting on a tarmac somewhere that he can visit to talk about old times, grandkids and the like.

I suspect we are closing in on another presidential campaign first:  the first presidential campaign featuring two women, one Republican and one Democrat in the same race at the same time.  The two would be Nikki Haley and Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky.

I don’t know about you, but I think that would be a very exciting race to watch.  My play money would be on Nikki Haley to win by a landslide over Chelsea Mezvinsky.  I believe that Nikki Haley could handle this competing candidate handily.  Experience tilts heavily to Haley.  Likeability tilts heavily to Haley.  Closet skeletons tilt heavily toward Mezvinsky in the form of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  In the end, the sole thing Chelsea would have going for her would be her parentage and I doubt that would be sufficient any more; as a matter of fact, that might well be the Achilles heel of all times as the race rolled out.

Unless something were to pop up in Nikki Haley’s past, and we know that has already been thoroughly researched by the Dems, I cannot help but believe that she would easily best  Chelsea in such a pairing.  That race would again bring out the worst in Chelsea’s parents and there is a lot of that to bring forth.  Nikki is squeaky clean and presents herself very ably.  She has experience, for example as a Governor, and on the international stage given her UN credentials, that is totally lacking in Chelsea.

And Nikki Haley does not have Bill and Hillary as parents.  What more could we ask?  This may not be as far-fetched as you might have thought at the beginning of the blog.  Stay tuned; I think this could be the next Presidential race pairing at least through the primaries.  Who else is there on either side that has more visibility in either world?  Of course, visibility does not equate to likeability, nor does it equate to capability except for one of these two people.

We know we’re not finished with Clintons, so let’s get this out of the way as soon as possible.

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