Oprah For President?

Hollywood had one of its gatherings last evening and it served, in part, as a test vehicle for an Oprah for President movement.  The world now has women as leaders of countries.  England is a good example.  The United States will have women as Presidents; that is as inevitable as the Sun rising in the East.

Hollywood held one of its “Aren’t We Great” award ceremonies yesterday/last evening and Oprah Winfrey was in the audience; and, people there were ‘ga-ga’ over the possibility that she might be the first woman to be elected President of the United States.  Or at least the show was arranged to cause that assumption to be generally gathered.  And, the audience dutifully responded with cheering at the appropriate times.

I believe that I have a fifty-fifty chance (maybe that is a bit too hopeful on my part, but…) of living long enough to witness the first female President of the United States being sworn in.  I look forward to that occurrence, and may well cast my vote for that person if she isn’t Hollywood-TV born and bred, and if she is conservative.

Oprah isn’t qualified no matter how many cheers she gets from the Hollywood audience.  That person, whoever she is, needs to be a really top-notch candidate since she’ll be under one of the most intense microscopes ever.  There are certainly those women today, and we’re not too far from seeing this all unfold.  I mentioned a lady named Nikki the other day.  I know there are those who would say “if we can have Donald Trump as President, why isn’t Oprah qualified as well?”  Because she isn’t qualified so far as I can determine; having amassed a fortune in television and the movies means nothing about the person’s qualifications to represent our country to the rest of the world.

Congress serves as a good proving ground for such office.  Governors have the requisite experience for that office having been executive officers of the respective states.  The House Minority Leader leaves me cold in terms of thinking of her sitting in the Oval Office.  The supposed 1/24th-blooded American Indian female leaves me cold in terms of her abilities.  Diane Feinstein leaves me cold essentially in terms of any office including that which she occupies today.

Hollywood stardom is not a pre-qualifier for the office of President of the United States of America.  That is especially true given the ultra-liberal leftward lean of people in that world.  Let us be serious about this.  Just because Donald Trump was elected does not automatically transfer credibility to any female candidate.  That occurred as a result of both he and his opposition being considered and of him winning that race.

We are talking about the titular head of state.  This is not some fantasy dress-up contest simply conducted to have fun.  This is not just the leader of the U.S. but the leader of the free-world in many respects.

Oprah need not apply so far as I am concerned.  If the Dems were to mount her as their candidate of choice, they and she ought to be pummeled mercilessly at the polls.  Anything short of that would serve to embarrass the United States of America far beyond its election of Donald Trump.

I believe we’re ready for a woman as our President, but she needs to have the wherewithal to handle the burden and to lead us as we need to be led in world affairs.  That would be Nikki Haley in my estimation and not Oprah Winfrey, nor any other Hollywood know-it-all.

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