Not Easy Being A Republican, But…

Imagine being a Democrat and trying diligently to uphold what that party stands for…if that is even discernable these days.  The Dems appear to be in their periodic ‘rag-tag’ mode where they lash out at virtually everything while solving virtually nothing.

I know, I know…here come the anti-Trump epithets in all forms of ugliness.  President Trump has, so far, been everything I could’ve asked of my President in spite of the barrage of lame-brain thoughts trying to appear to us as ‘wisdom’.  The race to the bottom of good taste and fairness and dishonoring the Electoral College decision seems to be in ‘great form’ with selected Democrats showing us all the way to the bottom.

I confess, however, that it is very difficult to argue against the Dems’ typical positions since they are almost impossible to articulate without being angry and sharing your spittle with anyone within a ten-foot radius.  There is actual reality and then there is Democrat reality which is akin to the fairy tales we used to hear as children.  If they say it is so over and over, maybe it will become ‘so’.

President Donald Trump is making a big difference in just his first six months or so in office.  The leaders of the world have witnessed what he is about and know where they stand with us by virtue of their feelings about our President.  The word feelings is the operative definer of what people think of President Trump.

I feel good about President Trump, therefore I like what he is about and what he has accomplished.  If, on the other hand, I didn’t feel good about President Trump, I’d be quite concerned about where we’re headed.  I did not feel good about President Obama and his direction for this country, therefore I did not see him as a good leader and was, frankly, suspicious of virtually everything he proposed unless and until the facts surrounding the proposal seemed to be reassuring of the actual intent of the proposal.  That, by the way, happened all too seldom.

The biggest difference between the two sets of feelings is simple:  Do you who dislike President Trump try to better understand what he is proposing or do you simply go back into cellar-mode and hide until this terrible thing that has befallen our country ends somehow?

Do you look at results and see improvement or are you simply stuck in that “I hate him” place?  If you are stuck on hate, you have a very long remaining first term…and likely a really unbearable second four-year term.  I think often of all the libs who claimed they’d leave this country if we idiots elected Donald Trump as our President.  Seems, incidentally, that this was just so much smoke without any fire to support the claims.

They are all still here and they are all still bemoaning the fact that us conservatives did what we said we’d do recognizing the enormous amount of restoration this country required after eight years of Barack Obama.  And, they are all doing quite well in this new and vibrant economy.

Like so many liberals, there seems to have been a lot of talk and very little action on the parts of the rich and famous who threatened to leave us to our stupidity.  They are very likely enjoying the wealth-spurt they see coming their way with President Trump in office.  A rising tide does, after all, raise all boats…unless they have holes in them as do some of the theories espoused by that side.

I could easily merge all Democrats into the group called liberals, and I could easily merge all Republicans into the group called conservatives.  Neither of those definitions fit all the people in either group.  There are way more ‘tax and spend’ Republicans than I care to think about.  There are way more liberally-oriented Republicans than I care to think about.

We are in the midst of a conservative revolution of our government for which I am most thankful.  HOWEVER, that does not mean that we can dim the spotlight of truth we are shining on the majority party since it is not made up entirely of conservative thought leaders.  As a matter of fact, there are some in that party who are great at changing their spots to stripes whenever that is necessitated by the reality of what voters are clamoring for at the time.

You know them probably as well as I do, and I’ll bet our list would be very close to the same were we to compare them.  We elected the right choice of the two we had to choose from, and we need to be sure we hold the feet of our members of Congress to the fire, as well, if our choice is to produce the kind of results we fully expected when we walked into the voting booth.

Our work as thinking, voting citizens is never done…and we ought to be tremendously thankful for that.


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