Anti-Trump Drive Continues…

I continue to expect that, at some point in the future, the anti-Trumpers will lose steam or at least part of their steam, and we will see less of the hateful rhetoric.  That certainly has not happened to this point.  If anything, this wave of dissent has taken on new vigor and new recruits, or at least recruits I haven’t seen or heard previously.

This man obviously is seen as a dire threat by those who utter the rhetoric.  And these are not people who have difficulty putting words together to form coherent sentences.  These are bright people, not correct in my estimation, but bright people nonetheless.

This is fed by the contingent of this group that is part of the ‘press machine’, and that is to be expected because Trump has done his best to upset their cozy arrangement with the White House insiders.  These people have long relied upon this feeder link and the link has heretofore been there because it was generating the love for the person in the Oval Office that was spewing out at us from headline after headline.

There is no love for President Trump; certainly, not in the way we can see if we look back at modern-day Presidents.  Even the Republican Presidents could expect some level of fair treatment, some nice words when they were deserved, but this President is simply despised/hated by the communicators we’ve been taught to rely upon for our ‘news’.  I know that ‘hate’ is a very strong word, but I believe it is the correct word to describe some percentage of those whose responsibility is to report on the President.

Press conferences are interesting to watch as a part of this ‘study’.  The looks you find on the faces of those who are scribbling notes are telling. The only people who have somewhat non-threatening looks on their faces are the true national talking heads who have to keep some kind of open demeanor about them even if it is faked.  The others in that room look as though they’d just as soon spit on the Press Secretary as listen to her try to respond to their questions.  Common decency and common courtesy are completely gone in that hurry-scurry world in the press room.

It seems that President Trump has become more of an issue than he began as given his ability to actually serve as the President of the United States of America.  The press and aligned people had pretty well made up their minds that this dunderhead wouldn’t last more than a week or two before embarrassing himself and seeking a place to hide.

President Trump has not lived down to their expectations.  Instead, he is actually governing and talking with heads of state around the world.  He is staking out positions the press never expected he’d take…or even understand.  World leaders have taken to this man; they seem to like the idea of ‘what you see is what you get’ and not having to try to guess where the President of the United States stands on the issues affecting the world.

After eight years of former President whats-his-name, we have a real President sitting in the Oval office…and every other world leader recognizes that and seems to be happy with the fact that his word can be taken as a promise…not as some kind of bargaining chip…or worse, being ignored in a week or two.

Rough edges?  He has a few.  Bit of a stuffed shirt?  Maybe.  Waffler-in-Chief?  Absolutely not!  Not up to the job?  No way this guy is going to be taken to the cleaners by any other world leader!

I got more than I expected even though I voted for Donald Trump.  I am pleased with his initial period as President.  Can he and Congress reach some deals and move ahead on stalled issues?  If they don’t he’ll call out those who are playing games at our expense…both Republicans and Democrats.  The old phrase: “There’s a new Sheriff in town” has suddenly taken on new meaning.

This man is real.  What we see is what we get.  He calls ’em like he sees ’em.  He is an equal opportunity offender in that neither Republicans nor Democrats can take him for granted without placing themselves in bad spots.  The leaders of both parties are coming to see that reality, although the Dems seem to think they’ll be able to do their usual dance and gain some points.

I think the Dems had better step back, reassess their positions, and get on with getting on.  Donald Trump is in the Oval office!  He is the real deal!  He’ll likely get a second term.  He’ll not hesitate to verbally filet any of the opposition.  If he does, they will know they’ve been seriously wounded from a political point-of-view.  And, just as quickly, he can put an arm around their shoulder, have a drink and kibbitz about the next bill they’ll have to consider.

This President of ours is a phenomenon we’ve not seen before.  Just because he is different from the others, that does not mean he’ll not prove capable of the position we’ve placed him in.  So far, so good and I suspect it’ll just keep getting better as he settles into this role that is unlike any other he has held.

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