Cake Rape?

Yeah, I know; this title makes absolutely no sense at all, but then neither does the recent court case by two lesbians for whom a couple who own a bakery refused to bake a ‘wedding’ cake.  True, this case was West Coast-based but, nonetheless, this was a potential benchmark case.  And, way beyond that simple statement, this case denies the vast majority of citizens in these United States of America the basic rights accorded to us by our Constitution…in my opinion, which obviously differs markedly from that of this “left coast” judge.

This seems a very simple case but the portent is dramatically far-reaching.  It says, basically, that our personal belief system is subservient to that of a pair of lesbian women’s beliefs.  It says that any one of us can be compelled by the court to do something we believe is basically against our Biblical understandings which ought to be observed by the courts of our country since we have rights just as do these two women.

If I want my house painted an ugly purple with chartreuse polka-dots and the painter I select refuses since his brand will become harmed by my poor taste, I can apparently now sue the painter and he can be forced to accept my business thus damaging his own.

In this case, a Biblical belief system was subverted in the interests of helping a lesbian couple feel good about themselves by forcing the bakery to do business with them.  To what court do the couple who own the bakery turn to find redress and financial protection since they’ll be bankrupted as the result?  Can they even afford to appeal?  Is there a West Coast jurisdiction that would be expected to overturn this ludicrous decision?  If so, what might the cost of this legal jousting amount to?

Where did the blog title “Cake Rape” come from?  That is the name bequeathed by me since this lesbian couple said that the incident caused weight gain and was akin to being “mentally raped”.  And, they found a judge who apparently was sympathetic, some might say he was simply ‘pathetic’, enough to get the decision they hoped to obtain.

I’d like to think this couldn’t have occurred in the ‘heartland’ but I’m afraid that may no longer be true.  At the least, I’d hate to have to take the chance on something seemingly so cut and dried.  Let’s say I own a business and you ask me to do something against my moral code of justice.  You sue me and I face the loss of my business as the result of a judge’s decision.  Maybe a cake is much more significant on the West Coast than in the Heartland, but I would not want to take that for granted only to have some judge think differently and bankrupt me.

This blog is an expression of my opinion.  Would this same judge decide that it violates the personal space of this same lesbian couple?  Do I have the kind of money that would be necessary to carry this kind of legal action to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary?  Absolutely not.  Does that mean that a judge can make a decision that flies in the face of belief systems across the country and that it won’t face higher courts for resolution because I can’t personally afford that fight?

I’d like to think that our system of justice is more sound than this decision would seem to indicate.  I’d like to think that money does not equate to justice, but if I cannot afford my own defense I am at the mercy of some benefactor coming to my aid.  True, this case was a West Coast case, but that cannot be permitted to stand without being referred to a higher court.  This is the kind of stuff that suggests there is a price tag on justice for some…and that cannot be permitted to define justice in our system.  That is why we can try to find a higher court to re-hear the case…if that can be afforded.

So much of our governance is determined based on population and then the court system and finally the government if laws need be modified or clarified.  These bakery store owners have been steamrolled by a court that disputed their religious basis for personal conduct which, it would seem obvious, also went against the judge’s religious belief system if one exists.  He could’ve chosen to recuse himself if he felt he’d have a personal stake in the outcome; or, he could’ve seen this case as the place where he would stake his claim to judicial excellence and gain even better standing amongst his peer group.

Would this case have even been granted the time of the court system in the Heartland?  I seriously doubt that would’ve occurred, and even if it had I cannot fathom a Midwestern judge finding as this West Coast judge found.  Cake rape?  Really?


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