2018 Begins…

The New Year has dawned on a particularly cold Winter morning here in Wisconsin.  We already read about the problems our society has with miscreants; lives were lost on the first night of 2018 due to barroom brawls (one in a Wisconsin bar named “Curmudgeon’s” that is not at all related to my blog), accidents, and downright ugly shootings.  Seems we’re off to a good start if our intent is to learn nothing from the year just passed.

Other than for the ‘same old, same old’ of human relationship issues that we experience every day, we tend to anxiously await the unfolding year thinking that somehow, we might see a change in human nature, that world affairs would not be so fraught with ugliness, and that us humans might find the key to goodwill amongst men.  We are nothing if not consistent in terms of what we hope and pray for on every New Years’ Eve.

We make our individual pledges to try to be better people this year than we were last year.  Those seem to be done with tongue-in-cheek since we begin to break the pledges on the first morning of each New Year.  If we were sincere about wanting to be better people in the coming year, we might have spent a little time reviewing what we could’ve been better at last year.  The simple truth is that we are who and what we are.  We might make a subtle change or two, but chances are even those will be done with before the first month has passed.  We need much more in our personal lives than just ‘self’.

On the global scene, we have more than enough problems with which we’ll likely be confronted in 2018.  Our UN relationship will continue to be problematic since there are many in that organization that have it in for us; it is just that simple.  We are a successful democracy and they aren’t, therefore we should keep sending them money and food and still let them stick their finger in our eye at the UN whenever and over whatever they choose.  I think those days are done under our President Trump and that is quite the breath of political fresh air.  We ought to raise the rent (if there is any) on the UN while we’re at it since it hasn’t been very thankful for our largess.

We have a very real issue with North Korea; actually with the dictator of North Korea and not the country nor most of its citizens.  At the rate he was going in 2017, 2018 seems as though it could be the ‘year that was’ the end for this tyrant and his threats to world peace.  His people might be better served without him.  He will persist until he hurts us or we kill him.  It is just that simple.  We may as well get that out of the way early in this new year.

We have the same Congress that we had yesterday, so nothing much will change in that arena.  As a matter of fact, everything is pretty much what it was yesterday, so why would we be thinking one more day off the calendar would be so eventful?

That is the human spirit of  ‘hopefulness without real hope’ at work especially if God’s Spirit is not present in each of us.  If we were to make one change in our lives today at the beginning of this new year, and if that change was to welcome Christ into our hearts, we might see the kind of changes we wished for last night, or last week or last month.  At least, we’d see those changes in ourselves and that is where change must begin if there is to be real change, and not just wishful thinking.

Same old, same old or new and exciting?  It is our choice.  Each day can be the beginning of a new year, not just January 1st.  If you’ve not tried yet, give it a try.  If you’ve tried and it didn’t seem to work for you, give it another chance.  That wily old cuss we call the Devil is at work here on this earth day-in and day-out.  Enough preachy-preachy.

I wish each of us a Happy and Healthy 2018; and especially a 2018 upon which we can look back a year from today and say, by golly that was really a good year!  As was 2017, 2018 will prove to have been everything we made of it.


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