Politics & Pettiness…

I finally had the opportunity late this morning to watch the State of the Union address on a delayed basis from yesterday and found a lot of which to be proud, as well as some things about which I am concerned such as the Dems managing to again sit on their hands and neglect standing even for the special people who have suffered greatly for this country and our freedom as they were introduced by our President.

The pure, unadulterated pettiness of the Democrats was simply disgusting.  I don’t mind so much anymore when they intentionally snub our President.  That simply shows how small-minded people can be when they’re not on top of all the goodies that lead to majorities with which various decisions are made.

They prefer to convey an improper image of our country and our affirmation to do what is right without regard to who may be at the top of the pile politically.  They are far worse than children since they are adults, or at least are of the age to have matured into adults.  There were heartbreaking stories told about people in the audience for who everyone but the Democrats stood and or/ applauded to show their concern and support.  I cannot imagine what the Dems think they’ll achieve by acting up as children would, simply to demonstrate again just how uncaring and immature they are.  They accomplish the precise opposite of what we’d think they want to demonstrate.  If they continue to be immature, we conservatives can probably get more and more used to voting Republican knowing that our votes will make that party a ‘conservative’ Republican party.

President Trump did a wonderful, heartwarming and meaningful job with the presentation he made, with his introductions of people in the audience and by eloquently explaining why they found themselves there as invited guests.  He made some requests of Congress in which the Dems couldn’t even begin to show any interest…or even demonstrate a lack of interest.  They were simply there and they were doing everything possible to make themselves look like uncaring, unsympathetic fools.  If that was their goal, they achieved that goal masterfully.

Among the lines that were part of President Trump’s talk was this about the welcoming of people into our country which referenced the DACA situation involving those labeled dreamers about democracy; he said purely and simply that Americans are “dreamers, too”.  That helped, I thought to convey the fact that those who dream get things done within the framework of rules, regulations, and laws in contrast to the “Dreamers” who are in our country illegally but who are the darlings of the Democrats so they can be used simply as tools, and ultimately as voters dedicated to the Dems.

It seems that we are now in the routine of Democrats playing their petty games unless and until they have control of the Oval Office again.  They seem to not give much thought to whether or not a majority would vote for them when we all know they are overgrown kids who can only pout…even when on national television at a time when sincerity and adult behavior was warranted, and especially when trying to act as adults might’ve gathered them another 100 or so votes come election time.

In contrast, we saw people who were willing to give their all for this democracy and who succeeded and were present, and we learned of people who had given their all and perished as the result.

The pure politics and pettiness that were the watchwords for the Dems once again blew up in their respective faces.  I know us conservatives gain every time they act up like this, but I cannot help but ask why they insist on this kind of action knowing it will again blow up in their faces.  That seems to be the definition of utter stupidity and it seems they do not understand that, thus qualifying for that label.

President Trump was at the top of his game, was sincere and fully in command of the event.


President Trump’s First Year…

Listening to Jay Weber on WISN 1130 radio this morning I was quite pleasantly surprised to hear him say that President Trump has been given high marks by the Heritage Foundation for his first year in the Oval office.  He has accomplished some 64%, nearly two-thirds, of the Foundation’s list of things they’d like to see accomplished by a conservative President, by any President, of course, but certainly by a President calling him or herself a “conservative”.  And this list is not a short little list you’d place on your refrigerator with a cute little magnet.  It is several pages in length and can be found, if you’re interested, on the Heritage Foundation website.

Given all the flak he has had to get through, all day every day, from the Democrats and some Republicans, and given the mainstream media’s obvious bias against him let alone against conservative thought, this is a fantastic level of accomplishment from the perspective of those of us of the conservative persuasion.

It is seldom that we see everything he has accomplished quantified in such a simple way.  Almost two-thirds of our conservative wish list (as seen by the Heritage Foundation) has been done.  He has only begun to govern and has had to swim against the tide every day since he was elected.  If you read yesterday’s blog you know the degree of difficulty experienced as he has had to go against virtually everyone on the Dem side and way more than I’d like to see on the Republican side of the aisle.

If you are conservative, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t, you know that the wishy-washy slightly right-of-center Republicans can be worse with which to deal than are the Democrats.  That is especially true given the fractured nature of the Republican majority with a decidedly more conservative segment numbering more than 140 seats that complicates much of the process which has to be gotten through before the votes are called.

The Republican side of the aisle too often has reminded me, as an outsider, of an anthill immediately after it has been stepped on.  The Republicans seem to be running in every direction but forward, while the Dems are sitting back watching with smiles on their collective faces.  I love the idea of the Freedom Caucus but there comes a time when we have to come together if anything is to be accomplished.  Rep. Paul Ryan, of whom I am a big fan, has had his hands full as the Republican leader but yet much has been accomplished as the Heritage Foundation has pointed out.

So, in spite of what we’ve seen and heard from the collective media blowhards, we learn from the Heritage Foundation that our President and Republicans in Congress have gotten a lot done, and the promise is that more will be accomplished as we move forward on the calendar.

All this with a man in the Oval Office that we were led to believe was never going to be capable of the Presidency, who by all press accounts ought to have been run from town by now.  And yet, he is getting the job done along with his member constituency in Congress amidst some of the toughest confrontations anyone in that office has witnessed in many terms.  I watched, by the way, as he interacted with the leaders of some of the very largest companies in the world at Davos a few days ago, and as they each told of how much more they were investing in the American business-base.  That was something that couldn’t have been imagined by the most delirious Democrat of the former president who has now laid the trap for our current President discussed yesterday.

What do you think?  Has the press in general been wrong about our President?  Have the skids been greased only to find that this President finds the ways around the pitfalls and petty traps laid for him?  Has Rep. Ryan done a yeoman’s job in spite of the differing sides within the Republican caucus?

I believe we are riding a massive wave of pent-up demand for conservative thought and action even though many couldn’t define that as being conservative.  Liberal thought is that which requires a bit of a smirk as it is being laid out for consumption.  Conservative thought is simple, straight-forward and works every time it is relied upon.  Ideally, more Americans will come to see that in these next few years and we’ll find more having been persuaded of those things we’ve held near and dear for years.

Liberals ‘Organizing for America’…

Former President Barack Obama and Michelle, and any number of backers have begun what appears to be their third term in office, and this term will be unlimited in years of existence, through this organization created to perpetuate the Obama gift for organizing others around his basic belief system.  There is a piece that has been circulating with attribution to Barack Obama and his new site BarackObama.com where he apparently intends to continue his “presidency” (note the small “p”) by assisting as many other Obama-believers as possible in the art of political organizing.

The site is named Organizing for Action (OFA) and the site, if the name is accurate and there is no reason to doubt that, gives us an idea of just how this will work.  Another piece, apparently incorrectly attributed to Charles Krauthammer, has been circulating and appears to be reasonably accurate given a comparison of its content to the new OFA site.  That piece, of now indeterminant origin, contains information that appears to track well with the website of OFA.  This is a political organizer’s ‘wet dream’ in that everything ever before beyond the reach of grassroots organizers has been well-concocted and can be found on the OFA site.  A couple of clicks and they’re on their way spouting whatever they choose.

Couple this new site and the tremendous advantages it gives to the organizers who worship the ground Obama walks on and we see that this is likely going to make a big difference in politics as you and I have known that animal.  The toolset included for people who sign on is complete.  The engine to make that all work has apparently been included so that even the smallest entity can appear huge simply due to the professional exposure it can command almost overnight.  The liberal web has been built.

I suspect that, given its sophistication, this site and all the precursor activities necessary was/were well-underway sometime before Trump was elected, probably at least by the start of Obama’s second term.

All of this is, of course, aimed today at the Trump Administration in the hope that it can derail Trump’s administration through the establishment of obstacles heretofore not imaginable by smaller groups.  It is organized to promote “progressive” change issues and the agenda includes gun control, socialistic healthcare, sexual equality, climate change, and immigration reform.

If you think about this, it can be seen as an attempt to give voice to movements against anything and everything Trump.  By filing suit with activist liberal judges, almost anything can be delayed and obfuscated by such an organization with an apparently “evangelical” leader such as the former President behind it like the proverbial puppet pulling the strings.  It essentially could give former-President Barack Obama and his followers a third term in office.  They can “judge-shop” all day every day if they choose, and there is simply a seemingly-endless supply of liberal judges from which to choose.

This is a not-so-well-camouflaged attempt to almost literally end the Trump Presidency by obfuscation and the use of delaying tactics heretofore unseen.  The votes you and I cast for Donald Trump are dangerously close to being figuratively tossed out/ignored by virtue of the backdoor takeover of government through an organizer’s website and judge-shopping.

But one more example of the disingenuousness of the liberal movement.  This ought to serve as a wake-up call for all people, not just conservatives.  This is a carefully assembled, well-oiled liberal machine now capable of mischief, and worse, on a massive scale, courtesy of the immediate-past President whom we will continue to pay for the balance of his lifetime.

If you doubt this statement, pay attention to what you see and hear over the coming weeks and months.  Already you have a well-worn liberal telling Israel not to get too comfortable in Jerusalem since he will be running for President in 2020 and he plans to overturn that decision.  Our government’s ability to make things change will be inhibited through the sheer strength of numbers this website will permit to be assembled in short order.

Couple this kind of behind-the-scenes activism with liberal judges and you find a witches’ brew that has never before been possible to concoct.  Our President is close to being a really lame ‘lame duck’ even before he has become fully engaged in his first term…all thanks to the disingenuous empire builder named Barack Obama who was nothing more than a non-voting member of the Illinois Senate before the Dems glommed onto him as their hoped-for party savior.

I suspect both the Dems and those of us who didn’t vote Democrat got a lot more than we ever imagined would be possible since we presumed anyone vying for that office would be an honest person.  Think about the accusations hurled against now President Trump and try to make the comparison to what he is and to what we are finally coming to understand the guy he replaced really is and was.


Bobby Jindal May Have It Right…

Former LA Governor Bobby Jindal has proposed term limits for all in Congress, and that is sounding better and better as time passes.  The limitless terms render us being governed by an aristocracy that eventually loses track of who we are and what our lives are like to one or another degree.  That they may also not miss the memories of what our lives are like is another subject.

We obviously limit Presidents to two four-year terms, so why do we permit Senators an unlimited number of six-year terms and Representatives an unlimited number of two-year terms.  I seriously doubt that our Founding Fathers had any idea that the Constitution as they created it would lead to this given the current level of largess and technical achievement of the country, the state of the world and all the modern inventions created of which they couldn’t begin to conceive.

They traveled by horse or horse and buggy and that took days or weeks in some cases to get from the home to the Capitol.  The idea that they could fly home for the weekend or brief breaks between sessions and campaign and renew friendships was foreign to them since they had limited modes of transportation available to them.  Thus they did not have what has become essentially a perpetual Congress in session.

The limits could be defined in the number of terms or in total years and the Senate would probably think it was entitled to more years in office than those mere people in the House.  Things of that nature would need to be resolved and that might take years to work through given the attitudes many seem to have that an office is “theirs” after occupying it for so long as they tend to do.

Staggering the limits would help to secure “institutional memory” so that new members would have people upon whom they could rely for background, historical overviews, etc.  We could limit Senators to two terms (12 years total) and Congressmen and women to six terms (12 years total) for starters.  I would probably see the potential for a former Senator or former Congressperson to be re-elected after having sat out for a term or two, as well if his or her constituents wanted them back in office.  They would then begin a new series of limited terms.

The Congressional Aristocracy can be seen daily while Congress is in session.  These are people who are the elites of the elite…at least too many are of that mindset.  The haughtiness of a Chuck Schumer or that Prima Dona attitude of a Nancy Pelosi might not occur if they had limits.  Freshmen and Sophomore members of the House and Senate would be far less likely to have created their own little cabals as we see rampant in today’s Halls of Congress.

The change-over would likely clear staff members from being staff-in-perpetuity as is now the case.  I wonder how many staffers actually serve as de facto Congressmen or Congresswomen; I suspect it would be a surprisingly large number if we were ever to learn the truth.  So we may well have what we might call a Shadow Congress comprised of non-elected people who are the brains of those whom we do elect.

If that staffer or those staffers have their own ideas about governance, as I suspect they would as part of the fabric of Congress, could it not be possible that we actually are being governed by the keepers rather than those whom we elect?  Might this be part of The Swamp thus helping us better understand why we elect people who spout one set of ideas and yet get something quite different once those ideas are vetted in Washington, D.C.?

While we’re at it, maybe we ought to limit the terms of employees of those in Congress in order to really “drain the swamp”.  That might help us to finally wrap our hands around the true power in Washington, and effectively control it through both limits on the terms of elected officials and on the employment periods of the employees of elected officials.  That would help to bring an end to the era of the Congressional Aristocracy.

Who & What to Believe?

I have just finished glancing at the more than 150 pieces of e-mail that accumulated in my “In Box” overnight.  Some are easily disposed of given the apparent subject matter, while other of it needs to be read, at least skimmed, in order to determine if it is worth going into more deeply.  All this is, of course, deeply personal since we each have our own belief system, our own biases, our own self-interests.  I am ‘retired’ so I have time that you may well not have, and I am still sufficiently ‘hooked’ on ‘news’ that I feel compelled to go through this routine daily or at least six days a week in earnest.

The vast bulk of pieces in my e-mail inbox proves to be designed to influence me, that is to sell me something whether that something is tangible or intangible.  My opinion is subject to being reformed every morning if I were to permit that to occur.  If I hadn’t spent a lifetime reaching today where I feel that I can form an opinion and write about it in blog form or discuss it with friends, I would be better off not getting all the ‘news’ I get via the Internet, television, radio and hard copy in my mailbox.  I’d be better off to crawl into a cubby hole somewhere and watch the world go past.

I, like you, am subject to the ebbs and flows of information.  Information that someone somewhere has decided to make available to me for some reason.  In some cases, the information is aimed at selling me a product or a service.  In other cases, the information is aimed at influencing a decision I may be facing.  What kind of automobile can I afford and, of that group, which is best for us?  Who should I vote for from amongst the list of names that flit across media outlets every day?  What do those people each really believe?  Can I believe them completely, and if there is a question, how much of what they say can I believe?  And, unfortunately, there is always a question.

Too often, I fear that we tire of trying to work our way through this mess of information and simply crawl back into a fiction book that I know full well isn’t real…but which is usually much more enjoyable than reality these days.  This is often likened to drinking from a firehose.  We are inundated with information every day unless we live the life of a hermit or are deprived of one or more of our senses and thus unable to be inundated.

I am addicted to information; I confess, but I am not anxious to be cured as is, I presume, the case with addictions as I learned in my many efforts to quit smoking cigarettes.  I did finally ‘kick the habit’ of smoking but I doubt there is a cure for this “information desire” habit short of being rendered unable to partake.  I do not mean to make fun of addiction in any form, but to equate that to becoming overly-dependent upon ‘news’.

How do we get to the place where we believe we are finally able to discern between pieces of information?  I believe that finally happens when we get to the place where we think along the lines of the feeder source with various exceptions that we’re able to discern and take into account as we assess its “believability rating”.  We gather what we believe and discard what we don’t find believable.   We talk with others and weigh their beliefs against our own.  We read the blogs of others and weigh those opinions against our own.

We are ‘works-in-progress’ at almost every stage of our existence.  No matter how learned, there is always something else to absorb, process and decide about.  There are places and people we can patronize for added thoughts, and that is where blogs become useful either to find added sources of “trustworthy” thinking or to eliminate trustworthiness but still keeping an eye on other sources.

Another day in the world of an information addict…

Stossel: Next Time, Keep It Closed…

I enjoy John Stossel’s take on various things and found his piece today got me thinking a bit more about Government shutdowns. He basically champions keeping the government “shut down” and taking advantage of that timing to actually make some changes that will stay in place once the “shutdown” has ended.  He also answered a question for me in that I read erroneous information that said military pay was cut off by clarifying that the scare was fabricated in that military pay continues during these episodes.

His list of other functions that continue during a “shutdown” includes:

Law enforcement, Border Patrol, TSA, Air Traffic controllers, Amtrak, Social Security checks continue, Medicare checks continue, Medicaid continues, Food Stamps remain available, VA Hospitals continue to function, the Postal Service continues to run, Federal courts and the Environmental Protection Agency continue to function.

As with so many other things, it is the optics, the way things appear to us, that make the biggest difference…and our political parties take maximum advantage of that in these situations.  Both are guilty of playing those games even if each approaches from a different place.

Stossel opines we’d be wise to keep the things that shut down in such situations shut down so that we can make changes in the whole tax-payer financed world.  I think he is on the right track.  If we take decisive action in the times of “Shutdowns”, people are more likely to accept this new reality and politicians that dilly dally can be pinned to the wall more easily if they see the wave of public sentiment coming at them for reasons of too much spending.

Given the public dunking that Sen. Schumer (D-NY) took as he spit and sputtered, he might not be quite so anxious to “Shutdown” the government again even though the next opportunity comes in some three weeks as it now stands.

Stossel goes on to discuss the functions already available to us through non-taxed funded entities so that the “Shutdown” really need not be a critical occurrence.  He reasons that the private sector could be permitted to do more…and that would also serve to eliminate the need for quite so much in the way of taxes we get hit with annually.  Users would bear the cost of what they used, versus all of us bearing the cost of what we don’t use today.

This approach would also deprive the children in Congress the opportunity to ‘act out’ as they seem to need every once in awhile.

Among the things he suggests, which tickle my fancy, are to privatize airports and task those airports to handle the required security now the function of the TSA.  Instead of tax dollars, we’d pay for this whenever we buy a ticket to fly hither and yon.  He takes this further with privatized passenger rail service and a privatized Postal Service, as well.  We have the necessary infrastructure in place today with a minor amount of tweaking.

He closes his treatise with a couple of compelling sentences:  “Government shutting down – partially – is not a disaster.  The real disaster is paying $4 Trillion a year to keep it running and getting such poor service in return.”

This ought to be food for thought for all of us, and especially for those politicians bold enough to begin the conversation on the floor of Congress.  I’d wager those politicians bold enough to go against what they’ve helped to build bigger and bigger every time we turn around would gather a lot of public support.



Latest Washington, D.C. Corruption?

There have been several blogs about corruption in our nation’s Capitol and we watch closely since there are any number of investigations ongoing in one form or another.  The interesting part in that realm is that there appears to have been situations with FBI officials’ involvement in a potential cover-up.

The fingers are beginning to point at possible subversive involvement on the part of the FBI, and if not sanctioned by the agency, then certainly on the part of rogue FBI officials.  Obviously, if this can be substantiated, there is a major scandal about to break wide open with fingers that will likely reach into cracks and crevices within the FBI proper that have heretofore not been suspect, at least on the front pages of newspapers and as the lead story on national news programs.

The obvious question, to a layperson, at least, is how can we rely on anything developed by the FBI if, in fact, it participated in efforts to impact investigations beyond simply gathering evidence and making it available to pertinent organizations for further investigation and potential charges.

Congressman Trey Gowdy was interviewed earlier on this matter and was asked by The show host, America’s Newsroom host ‘Smith’ what all this told him.  His response was:

We need to know a couple of things.  Number one we need to know how the world’s premier law enforcement agency managed to lose five months worth of texts.  And what is troubling in the text we do have they’re discussing how to avoid texts being captured and secured.  So what is missing is important but also what is there is important.  It is manifest bias not just against Trump, but against his kids, against his business interests.  There is a text where they hope the Trump Hotel fails.  That is a “level of bias that is stunning among law enforcement officers.”  What is also troubling to me is this text that Johhny Ratcliffe found last night about this secret society.  Now, I have no clue what that means because it is not the phraseology I used.  But, it’s the day after the election and it’s the same two people that were discussing a little bit later in the text the damage they had done with the Clinton investigation and how they could, quote, fix it and make it right.  That is a level of bias that is stunning among law enforcement officers.

Smith then asked Congressman (actually Senator) Ron Johnson (R-WI):

Congressman Johnson – you had a chance to see and hear what just came out of this radio interview with a local radio station, he read off one of the text messages that he says that he has just uncovered between two FBI agents and we don’t have exact verbatim but we know what he read off.  That is (FBI Agent Peter) Strzok typing you and I both the odds are nothing.  If I thought it likely I would be there no question.  I hesitate in part because my gut concern is there is no big there.  What does that tell you?

Gowdy then says:

That tells me two things.  Number one – it actually tells me three things.  First kudos to Johnson for getting this information.  Secondarily, it tells me that one of the lead counter intelligence agents in the country doesn’t think there is anything there there.  What disappoints me the most he has no interest in participating in an investigation that might clear Donald Trump.  His only interest is if there is quote something there so he can then fix what he did with the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation.  I don’t know a cop that is not equally interested in clearing the innocent as they are getting the bad guys.  So for him to only be interested, if there is quote something there where he can get the president, is agent to admit.

Smith says: Can you weigh in on the timing that the tweet Sen. Ron Johnson read off?  The text is from May 19, 2017, two days, congressman, after Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel.


It’s not good and it is also in that same time period where we’re missing five months worth of texts.  So God only knows what else was said.  That’s a really important time period.  Sessions has recused himself, Bob Mueller is coming on board.  I happen to like him.  I respect him.  I think he is going to do a good job.  But if he is picking guys like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to be on his team and they are only interested in being on a team if they can get the president, they have no interest in clearing him, then he had some hiring failures of epic proportion.

This is yet another example of very questionable activities on the part of people we’re supposed to trust to tell us all the truth without any personal agenda involved.  This seems to, on the contrary, provide a smoking gun that shows personal agenda items are at the very top of the list for these Agents.

Given this kind of reality, why is it that we’re expected to trust in the outcome without question?  There is a big STINK across all this and the news is only beginning to leak out.

I suspect we’re going to hear a lot more and I suspect it is going to mean trouble for some in the upper echelons.  This is out on the streets now; that makes it virtually impossible to cover up.