Trump and the Economy…

There is a Facebook page showing Mark Cuban saying, in September 2016, that if Donald Trump became our President, the stock market would tank.  The only real sign of any malaise is that eliminating from the perpetual whining of the liberals trying to make believe they were right about this man.

There is no doubt that some segment of Trump’s votes came from liberals who couldn’t, and still can’t, stomach their party’s candidate, Hillary Clinton.  I have no way of knowing how many votes can be attributed to those Democrats disappointed by their party’s candidate, but there certainly were enough to make an impact on the outcome.

The economy seems to have avoided going into the tank.  The Dems seemed to have developed highly selective memories, but that is not an unusual occurrence.  Mark Cuban is making more money than he’d likely have made with a ‘president’ Hillary.

The economy, as a measurement, is about the same as the national election in terms of the state of public opinion, except for the fact that the economy is always highly fluid.  If people aren’t doing well, it suffers; if people are doing well, the economy hums along.  Today’s economy is solid and it shows no signs of Trump-fatigue.  Sort of the “same old, same old”.  The Dems are still preaching despair and the Trump Administration scores more points every day where that counts; with the American people.

Learned liberals preach to us dumb conservatives, but it doesn’t take because we see a solid economy and a President who is actually being a President for all the people, just as he promised.  Mark Cuban, in his heart of hearts, is applauding Trump because he has to be making more money given that his prediction of an economic armageddon was in error.  Of course, we see no retractions of his earlier prediction.

Similarly, we don’t see the world stage tilted crazily because of Trump’s win.  We still have North Korea with which to deal, BUT we also have President Trump at the helm to boldly assert our rights as the dominant economic force in the world today.  We are also, incidentally, the most dominant force militarily in this world today.

The North Korean dictator continues to make threats, to puff his chest while killing off his own people, even as we stand ready to answer the call to arms.  The North Korean launch of various satellites and various missiles tells us this will not end without us taking action of one sort or another.  That will provide Russia with more propaganda material and that is too bad, but we will take the action necessary to protect our interests and, above all else, to protect our lands.

I still am most concerned with our infrastructure and our vulnerability to a low-level nuke strike that could ‘fry’ our electrical grid system, our computer banks used for defense, etc.  That would cripple us.  I believe we will need to act preemptively, and I pray that we will know the precise time to do that without holding on a week or a month too long on the diplomatic scene.

This is all very tricky.  We owe China a huge debt that grows every month.  We have some decided issues with Russia and we know that country will use North Korea to its own advantage.  We have the usual weak-kneed United Nations that is as ineffectual as always, and we may well have to stick our finger in the eye of the UN if that body gets to thinking it can force us to back down.

This is a life or death decision-point.  I am comfortable that we have the right person sitting in the Oval office after eight years of ineffectual kowtowing to the world by the Obama crowd, vestiges of which will be with us for a long time to come, unfortunately.

Us voters knew what we were doing when we passed on Hillary Clinton and went with Donald Trump as our Commander-in-Chief.  He has a few rough edges since he is not a politician and doesn’t much care about things like that.  He has made his pledge to you and me.  He will not be afraid to act boldly.

Was I a chubby dictator in North Korea, I’d be thinking about how to pull my chestnuts out of this fire without having to make a stupid decision by attacking the United States of America.  I’d know what I was committing my country and myself to if I did so, but I might also believe my own rants and think I could best the U.S. mano-a-mano.  It is this unreliability of North Korea’s leadership that would tip the scale for me if I were sitting in the Oval Office.

The launch order would be issued before the end of 2017.

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