Press Equality: Fact or Fiction?

Let’s get this out of the way up front:  the answer is FICTION!

A report from titled “a tale of two presidents and one newspaper’ leads off with the following paragraph:

The stench of failure hangs over Mr. X’s White House.  The people know it, judging by the opinion polls.  Corporate titans know it and whisper disenchantment with a fellow conservative.  Washington knows it when an Administration official calls the budgeting process “an unmitigated outrage” and when Mr. X’s closest friend in the Senate pronounces the President “as very close to set in concrete.”

Mr. X’s loss of authority only halfway through his term should alarm all Americans.  The economic nostrums he brought to office have not had the predicted effect.  Only by recognizing his errors will he find better ideas.  To rationalize the failure so far, or to blame his predecessors, the media and Congress, is to condemn the nation to two more years of destructive confusion.

By his own reckoning, Mr. X became President for one basic reason: to restore the morale and power of America.  By his own analysis, that meant above all “rejuvenation of our economy” so that America could regain industrial strength, put all its people to work and defend its interests around the world.

These are the opening three paragraphs of a New York Times editorial about Ronald Reagan’s first administration published on January 9, 1983.  This is the way this ‘news’ outlet chooses to frame the current President, as well.  It does that with any and all Republicans who are conservative presidents.  There is usually something to be said for consistency, but that doesn’t apply in this situation.  This is simply a reminder of the decided slant the liberal press has always displayed when the words ‘Republican’ and ‘conservative’ are intertwined.

We who are of both the Republican and the conservative persuasions have become accustomed to this fallacious use of opinion as being fact as opposed to what it is: propaganda.  This same approach is used to smear anyone who dares be Republican and conservative.  Unfortunately, there are those who despise those of us who dwell in two places simultaneously:  people who are committed Republicans and who are also committed conservatives.  Democrats and liberals, who seem conjoined at the hip, are never assailed for their beliefs even when those are once again proved to be erroneous assumptions and bad for the country.

The Pew Research Center has done another study which found the media, in general, was over three times more negative towards President Donald Trump in his first 60 days in office compared to former President Barack Obama in his entire first year in the White House.

“Fake news” is a reality, not just some fictional phrase coined by President Trump.  It is not just a once-in-awhile reality, it is a normal function of the liberal press.  The subject might be a matter of ‘news’ but its treatment by the press lends it an air of inauthenticity which makes it, from President Trump’s perspective, “fake news”.

Pew has done another study which reported that 89% of Democrats believe that the press keeps politicians from doing things they shouldn’t do, compared to just 42% of Republicans who see the press as a watchdog.  This is a simple result when you consider that Democrats are liberal and Republicans, by comparison, are conservative.  The Democrat Presidents have leaned decidedly liberal, so why wouldn’t the liberal press heap accolades upon them?

Then, imagine the power of a liberal Democrat President who was also the first black person to occupy that office.  He could do no wrong from their perspective and they still believe that even as his governing failures, coupled with a complicit Democrat Congress, become apparent with the passing of time and the changing world in which we live.

President Trump uses the shorthand term “fake news” as the description of the product of the press he interacts with day-in and day-out.  His Press Secretary may not use the term often, but she too understands this dynamic.  There may be some fact included in stories but the liberal left slant to the news lends an air of incredibility…thus “fake news”.

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