Gotcha Politics…

It seems we might have virtually no reporting of a political nature were it not for “Gotcha Politics”.  This strikes far more at the national level than anywhere else unless there is a very real need elsewhere.  Most of the “Gotcha Politics” occurring happens at the national level with a tiny bit at the state level.  In Wisconsin, the “Gotcha Politics” is aimed primarily at Governor Walker, a Republican in case you weren’t aware, who has been so successful he is a perfect target for press coverage.  Knocking down Republicans is fun stuff; similar postings on Democrats must not be fun since it never happens.  Maybe there is another reason, but I already digress.

Of course, the “really big show”  as Ed Sullivan might’ve exclaimed, usually has to do with some sketchy situation that someone is trying to whip into a big story that might destroy a politician with a national reputation since statewide politicos are only good targets in their own states and the news today is driven by national print media members.  And, of course, since there is a very real bias in the media, most, if not all, of these “wanna be revelations” flirt with Republicans.  After all, we have President Trump and that means there just has to be some ‘stuff’ going on in his party.

It doesn’t really matter if there is any truth involved, it just matters that the charge has been issued in order to drive another couple of days of bogus news stories until the next rumor is issued.  If the press were at all devoid of a favorite political party, there is a bunch of real stuff they could go after in the world of Democrats.  You will note, if you are at all aware of ‘news’ that these ginned up stories do not touch Democrats, or if there is even a mention of a Democrat it is buried so that one really must work to find the two or three words that make reference to that subject.

There is and has been for some time, a very real press vendetta and that vendetta is stoked with accusations, or at least heavy-duty innuendo, against Republicans.  The simultaneous paucity of such activity aimed at Dems ought to be embarrassing to the press, but that does not seem to be something they understand, and certainly nothing they fear.

Why not a big story on all the pauper Democrats elected to national office that ready themselves for retirement as multi-millionaires?  That isn’t possible simply because there are none who qualify.  Oh, they may well have been paupers when sent to Washington, but they have been professionals in the hunter-gatherer society they found when they got there.  Some of these people have a difficult time stringing words together to form a cogent sentence and yet they have millionaire bank accounts.  Who knew?

I happened to see a Republican House member this morning at my Bible study who has been in Washington for some time.  He isn’t a millionaire nor will he likely ever be a millionaire, and yet he has held office for several terms.  There seems to be a tilted playing field and it favors the Dems who are only too happy to accept the largess.  Reporters could have a literal field day if they were to take on the challenge of digging up good stories about Democrats, of tracing the history of who they were at first and who and what they have become, but that is not something their editors want, nor is it anything the reporters want to involve themselves with for some reason.

When President Trump assails the media, he sees all this kind of ‘stuff’ in the swamp and he is astounded at the size of this pool of largess that has escaped the news cycles for years.  Of course, the media has always had their love affair with Dems, so the lack of coverage is not surprising…just terribly exasperating to us Republicans and us Conservatives.

And President Trump also sees that he is the target of the media, that the media is ignoring, apparently intentionally, all the other stories they could be hammering away at in order to work at driving that proverbial stake through his political heart.  The press sits atop one of the great stories of all time, the largess accumulated by lowly politicians who have fed at the public trough for decades…but that just doesn’t cut it when there might be a Pulitzer on someone’s bookcase if they can just find some dirt that will stick.

Great work if you can find it, I guess.

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