The Liberal Press…

I subscribe to a wide range of info sources given my need for “topic stimulation” six mornings a week.  Among those publications is the vaunted New York Times, and it does what I expected by keeping me abreast of liberal thinking.  Following is the rundown they provided electronically this morning:

Editorial:  Congress Refuses to Do Right by Children’s Health Care (By The Editorial Board)  The Children’s Health Insurance Program is in limbo while Republicans rejoice at a tax cut of more than $1 trillion for the rich.

Op-Ed Columnist:  The Great American Tax Heist (By Charles M. Blow)  The strategy:  Appease the rich on the front end; punish the poor on the back.

Op-Ed Columnist:  Republicans Despise the Working Class, Continued (By Paul Krugman)  Tax cuts are so unpopular because their disdain for working stiffs shines through.

Op-Ed Columnist:  You Cannot Be Too Cynical About the Republican Tax Bill (by Thomas B. Edsall)  The speed with which it passed is a problem, but the law itself is much worse.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Trojan Horse in the Tax Bill (By Bryce Covert)  Paul Ryan gets what he wanted.

Editorial: Women’s Lives, Cut Short by the Men They Knew (by The Editorial Board)  It’s time for Congress to fix loopholes in a gun control law meant to save women’s lives.

Op-Ed Columnist:  My Worst Columns (by Nicholas Kristof)  People loved some of my columns in 2017.  But not these.

Op-Ed Columnist:  When #MeToo Goes Too Far  (By Bret Stephens)  Verbal harassment and rape are both wrong, but there’s a difference.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer:  Why Judges Matter (by Linda Greenhouse)  As the government’s war on abortion and even birth control mounts, Trump is trying to remake the courts with the least diverse nominees in decades.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer:  Presidential Incapacity:  A Holiday Gift Guide  (By Sarah Vowell)  Perfect last-minute choices for any person, inspired by Donald Trump, thinking about the history of the 25th Amendment.

Op-Ed Contributor:  The Real Coup Plot Is Trump’s  (By Yascha Mounk)  The president and his allies in the news media and the Republican Party are overthrowing the rule of law and the truth.

Op-Ed Contributor:  Susan Rice: When America No Longer Is a Global Force for Good  President Trump’s National Security Strategy articulates an “America First” vision that may only make America weak.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Away in a Manger…Or Under a Palm Tree?  (By Mustafa Akyol)  We’ll probably never know for sure where Jesus was born.  But there are some things that Christians and Muslims alike can agree on.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer:  Beware, Italy.  Santa the Invader Is Coming.  (By Beppe Severgnini)  Italy’s cultural fascination with America stirs deep feelings among the faithful when Santa Claus outpaces baby Jesus as the chief symbol of Christmas.

Op-Ed Contributors:  The Nuclear Showdown in Georgia.  (By Zach T. Pate and William E. Webster, Jr.)  A decision on the construction of two new reactors will say a lot about the future of nuclear energy in the United States.

Attending the Nobel Prize Ceremony After Trump Snubbed the Winners  (By Sarah Bowen and Mark Nance)  The contrast between their warm celebration in Stockholm and their cold reception back home is a harbinger of the United States’ future irrelevance.

Op-Ed Contributor:  Why Holiday Stories Matter  (By Stephen Greenblatt)  A recent study of hunter-gatherers reminds us that our fictions are more than entertainments.

Op-Ed Contributors:  Israel’s Left Goes Right   (By Abe Silverstein and Nathan Hersh)  Avi Gabbay, the new head of Israel’s Labor Party, thinks the best way to beat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is by imitating him.

Op-Ed Contributor: How Sacred Is The Confession Booth?  (By A. Odysseus Patrick)  Catholic priests should be legally compelled to report to law-enforcement agencies admissions or allegations of abuse made in confession.

On Campus:  Home from Harvard, Back in the Holiday Hot Seat  (By Leah Yared)  I’m the daughter of African immigrants, so my college experience is everyone’s business.

Why ‘The Graduate’ Is a Vietnam Movie  (By Beverly Gray)  It is a film about an older generation’s seduction of youth for its own ends.

Editorial:  New York Hot Dogs in a Corn Dog State  (By The Editorial Board)  What strange attraction does Iowa hold for Mayor de Blasio?  Governor Cuomo or Senator Gillibrand may soon have an answer.

Editorial Observer:  A Judgement Day Cardinal Law Can’t Avoid  (By Elizabeth Williamson)  His protection of pedophile priests as archbishop of Boston made me question my faith, yet the Vatican intends to honor him in death. 

# # # # #

This is a typical day’s topics in one of the biggest names in liberal thought and reporting.  As you can see, the attack against the right and conservative thought, in general, is waged viciously in this world.  The titles alone give you enough information to reach such a conclusion.  Imagine the content that accompanies the title, and it is possible to see how minds not accustomed to critical thinking can be easily swayed to the liberal perspective.

This also signifies a day on which a particular topic escaped me, so I took the easy way out!  Apologies to those who expected more than this today.



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