Trump Obsession…

Obsession is defined as having a complete preoccupation with someone or something, to an extent that seems extreme to others.  That definition is a perfect fit for liberals who are in some kind of a denial state over the Presidential race victory by Donald Trump.  His edge was some 74 Electoral College votes.  Not like it wasn’t decisive enough.

We see a former Democrat President by the name of Obama who is, on a virtually daily basis, involving himself in the affairs of the country after he has been out-of-office for months.  That is in direct conflict with the protocols observed by every other former President in my lifetime.  Had he not poor taste in his actions, he’d probably have no taste at all.  His petulance has grown very old and tiresome.  He acts much like a backseat Illinois State Senator (which he obviously was) but struts the strut as if he had been ordained King of America.  Right place; right time.  That is over now!

We see sitting Democrat members of Congress engaged in regular personal attacks on our sitting President.  That has never happened, certainly not to the current degree, in my lifetime.  It started on day #1 and the press has been all over it daily since.

The media is obsessed.  Watch a White House press conference and you’ll expect to see the spittle flying from some who are so overwrought they seem unable to control their own emotions.  Our current White House Press Secretary is a gem amongst gravel in that space, and they despise her for that.

I half expect to see members of Congress taking a knee or stay seated instead of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as the current form of protest that Donald Trump is President of the United States of America.  Some seem to approach the point of being apoplectic over the results of the most recent Presidential election.

Hillary Clinton chooses to blame his victory (her loss) on the vagaries of the system of crediting votes through the Constitutionally-defined Electoral College which assures small states have a say even though they do not have the population density of the biggest states.

Back to the media and its responsibility for this continual Trump Obsession.  The media has fed this obsession since the morning after the election.  We have known, at least we who are conservatives, that our media is essentially liberal in thought, word, and deed.  It is biased, pure and simple.  The members of the press show their true colors in the press conferences conducted in the White House as mentioned above.  These people give the impression of giant Kindergartners (with all due apologies to Kindergartners) who simply need blankets, pacifiers and a quiet corner in which to curl up for a nap.

The Democrat members of Congress are not far behind the press Kindergartners, either.  They seem to operate in some kind of a state of suspended belief.  If only they could take a nap and awaken to find that President Trump wasn’t really the President after all.

Will we be on the same page in this seemingly endless book writ by Dems every day of every week of every month of every year?  The sad truth appears to be that we will be watching this like we’re strapped in a chair and forced to watch the same thing over and over and over and over…

What used to be the stuff of movie fiction seems to now have become the daily staple of the media and the Dems who walk in lockstep with the media.

That Hillary Clinton could not best this ‘know-nothing jerk deal-maker’ from NYC should, once and for all, tell us all everything we need to know about Hillary Clinton.  We elected Donald Trump because we saw him as the better choice of the two candidates.  We sent Hillary Clinton home without so much as a runner-up trophy for her mantle.  And, given the same choice the next time, we’ll do it again!  By a bigger margin!

TDSTrump Derangement Syndrome!

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