Where Will We End Up?

Quite the open-ended title since it doesn’t tell one just what the question concerns…but it concerns something that has been on front pages and served as lead items in news reports for seemingly a long time.  Sexual harassment is the topic, and that has now moved into the White House and into the Oval Office, or at least has now apparently been identified at that level.

Of course, whether or not there is substance to the claims of some 16 women who have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct, the story is out there and the opposition Democrats are looking at what they hope might be just the ticket to remove this President from office.  Were roles reversed, I suspect the Republicans would also be occupying the ‘cat bird’s seat’, although I would hope they’d have a bit more circumspect approach to the issue.

This subject has already ended careers for some who hold office, and likely this deluge of people feeling they can now voice similar claims in light of the new focus and acceptance of the newsworthiness of such issues will continue to find airtime given the press’ unending quest of THE story.

There is a Special Prosecutor who has apparently had the President in his crosshairs since taking that office.  Such tawdry issues being made public would easily prove so enticing a subject that Mr. Special Prosecutor would find it nearly impossible to not answer that sirens’ song.  We are in for quite an interesting, and probably very disgusting, few weeks or months.  If there is fire where the smoke is coming from, there ought to be prosecution no matter how high up the political ladder that might reach…and no matter which political party it tarnishes since I doubt seriously that this would be just the activity that one political line of thought would pursue.

There seems something about power that is a potent aphrodisiac and that can foment various kinds of over-stepping based on the feeling of omnipotence.  It tends to be found more often in the male species.  And power is almost always involved no matter at what level.  The clerk in a grocery store is as much a target from the store owner’s perspective as an aide or admirer is to a high-ranking politician.

The nature of this offensive behavior takes on a particularly nasty edge, however, when it is emblazoned in the national media…and when it has a set of political implications that are terribly enticing to the opposition politicians.  Couple that with a President who defies the norm, and who has admittedly been less-than-an-angel, historically, and we have what could be the end of a career that would blow the top off the capitol building.

If you’ve ever seen a school of piranha going after raw meat, that is likely what we have in store for ourselves in the coming days in Washington, D.C.  The press will be all over this and the opposition party and even some in the President’s own party will be only-too-happy to engage in innuendo and outright calls for this President to step aside.

I would submit that the opposition party should probably not feel too pleased with this since I’d be amazed if Republicans are the only breed of politician that might have participated in this kind of behavior.  If this is as explosive an issue as I imagine it to be, there will be ample opportunity for Dems to go before their own ‘firing squads’ over similar complaints.  Pandora might be about to remove the cover from the Democrats’ box, as well.

This whole world is ugly no matter at what level it is found.  And, if and when various charges are proved factual, there should be no hesitancy in the pursuit of justice no matter where that ends up leading, and across party lines, as well, if that is indicated to be necessary…as I would almost bet the farm it will be.  And we might also learn that this can be a leverage device employed by the opposite sex as well; power is, I believe, not limited in its aphrodisiac capabilities to males alone.

Let this go where it goes without interference or additional emphasis from the press, however difficult that may be for the press which we, of course, know has no dog in political battles.  The press is that perfect personification of the term ‘apolitical’ in all it undertakes (obviously said ‘tongue-in-cheek’).

Let us drain this part of The Swamp as well while we’re at it.

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