Trump Keeps His Promise…

Which promise is that?  His promise to recognize Jerusalem as Isreal’s capital if he were to sit in the Oval Office.  He made that promise on the campaign trail and he stuck to it…and now he is accused of all sorts of things.

It seems that predecessors made similar promises but then failed to keep their word once they sat in the Oval Office.  President Trump is different from any President we’ve had to this point.  I think everyone agrees on that point.  Most cannot figure out just where to place him in their minds.  Some prefer to think of him as some jerk that decided he wanted to be President and somehow found his way to the swearing-in ceremony.

Trump is a good deal more complicated than he was given credit for being by many.  He has shown he keeps promises, and that is both refreshing and somewhat different than past Presidents.  That is so different from the press’ point of view that they know there is some ulterior motive other than simply keeping a promise.  The New York Times has decided that this scheme was the result of a meeting between President Trump and Sheldon Adelson (casino owner) and Morton Klein (president of the Zionist Organization of America).  That meeting occurred some ten days before the inauguration, and it was at that meeting that he reaffirmed that he would restate his intention to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Isreal.  This is reaffirmed in a December 8th article titled “Who’s Playing Politics on Israel?” by Jonathon S. Tobin.

Donald Trump is going to continue to confuse and confound those who thought they knew exactly what he would do as President.  He has already demonstrated that he has the will to take on Congress as he sees fit on various subjects.  He has shown that he can withstand the daily criticism, often completely off base, of his political enemies and the nation’s press.

Tobin points out that Trump’s instincts “almost always lead him to distrust the experts and actively seek out the advice of dissenters from the conventional wisdom”.

I think that hits this whole subject matter right on the head.  President Donald Trump is not what we usually elect as our President.  That isn’t because we don’t want that but moreover it is because, bluntly, we’ve not had this choice in candidates before.  We have had the choice between the regular flavors.  Do we want vanilla or do we want butterscotch?  Suddenly we voters found that we could make a different choice this time, and we selected a much more complicated but interesting flavor for the Oval Office.

We now have one of the consummate business builders as our President and he is running his office in just that way, a deal-maker extraordinaire.  Congress is, of course, apoplectic with this outcome.  They rumble/grumble around the hallways talking to themselves about finding some way to get him out of office sooner than in four years…and oh my gosh, what if he gets re-elected?

I have to think the other leaders in the world find this all very refreshing, if not also a bit disconcerting since he doesn’t play by the usual/normal rules of world leaders.  He is not a pussyfooting, couldn’t say ‘crap’ if he had a mouthful kind of leader.  He calls ’em like he sees ’em…and that simply is altogether uncommon.  This has to be as refreshing to many of the world’s leaders as it is also unnerving to the dictators like that dude in North Korea.

How long has the diplomatic community worried itself over the Jerusalem question only to have this new brand of American leader put it all on the table early-on in his Presidency?  That he defies the usual approach to diplomacy, I think, makes him all the better at that business.  He simply places his thoughts out on the table and announces what he is going to do on this, that and the other of the array of issues confronting a new President of the United States of America.

This anything-but-ordinary person in whom we have entrusted the Oval Office is driving some people nuts.  He is almost the complete opposite of Barack Obama.  He is unorthodox, outspoken, willing to get into a fight with his opposition from time-to-time, and seemingly able to discern what he ought to be doing in each and every situation that finds its way to the Oval Office.  He has the benefit of a wonderfully qualified Vice President who knows the intricacies, and he seems very willing to listen to Vice President Pence’s advice on various matters that need to find their way through the ‘halls of Congress’.

We and the world are in for quite a ride, and I feel confident that it will be a better world for the experience.

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