Nothing Burger…

Joseph DiGenova, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia was quoted as saying that the plea deal that Michael Flynn agreed to is a “nothing burger”.  He went on to say that this simply shows how little the Justice Department has to show for its investigation of ‘Russia-hacking’ during our 2016 national election.

Further, Di Genova said on “The Ingraham Angle” show Friday evening Flynn is guilty at worst solely of the failure to register as a lobbyist for a foreign power under the ‘Foreign Agents Registration Act’  that is RARELY enforced.

Working on the incoming Presidents’ foreign relations as the foreign policy advisor to the incoming president is not a crime.  This seems to leave the investigation by Michael Flynn in a tough spot.  This is the guy who was supposed to be tough enough to ‘get something’ on the President, even if only on an advisor to the President since the President has all the authority necessary to do what he did.

That brings us to the Logan Act that was instituted in 1799 which prohibits private citizens from negotiating on behalf of the federal government in a dispute with a foreign state.  That law has never been invoked to date.  Di Genova pointed out that a private citizen officially part of a presidential transition team is what is classified as a “special government employee” and that, as such, he was in the position to communicate with anyone he wanted.  The Logan Act has never before been enforced.

Quite simply, it seems there is no “there” there, especially if the only thing that the Liberal’s tough guy could come up with was this relatively feeble finding.  President Trump’s opposition will obviously stoop to any low to attempt to get him, and if they can’t get ‘him’, then they’ll go after people who were close to him.

So, what do you suppose will be next in this continuing charade?  The left almost certainly will not stop.  The entrenched Washington insiders will certainly not give up.  The effort to further muddy the President is certain to continue.  The idea that a tough guy like Joseph diGenova will stop with such a small bird-in-hand that he could only muster this paltry charge will stop seems impossible.  He sits in the ultimate catbird’s seat with all kinds of power, and an apparently intense dislike (being kind) for the sitting President that he’ll exercise in any way possible.

These people simply cannot seem to come to accept that President Trump is the duly-elected President of the United States of America.  The self-absorbed egotists on the left are very nearly apoplectic (in this usage meaning ‘filled with rage’) in their quest to topple President Trump.

What in the world will happen if we “dopes-with-the-vote” re-elect him to a second term?  Where will they take this angry disbelief in that case?  Conservatives have been painted with virtually every nasty epithet to be found in the language, and yet the Left continues to pursue the ouster of President Trump.

It seems to be getting clearer by the day just where the true political vitriol lays.  Their caustic speech and thought are actually frightening.  That these on the left and the far left cannot find the means of more proper self-control and simple etiquette within themselves in the face of this defeat is troubling for me.

We need for Congress to get on with governing the country rather than laying ambushes around every political bend in the road.  The Dem’s actions to date ought to be embarrassing for every person calling themselves a Democrat.  Frothing at the mouth is not governance.

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