World Lost A Good Guy…

I opened my e-mail this morning and found a message from the son of the guy I call my best friend, Tom, telling me that his dad had passed away shortly after midnight last evening.  We all know that this is the only outcome for the human condition, but that doesn’t seem to soften the impact of that message no matter the circumstances.

Our personal condolences go to his wife, Deb, and their children and grandchildren.

Tom had been relying on an oxygen bottle for quite awhile but that didn’t interfere with his ability to engage in banter which he thoroughly enjoyed.  I have the occasional itch to engage in banter, as well, so anyone within earshot heard the back-and-forth of two guys who were happy being with one and other, who were simply having fun sometimes at the other’s expense, but fun nonetheless, who were only too happy to help solve the problems of the world, and generally try to out-story the other.

The world lost a great guy, and Heaven has a new eternal member of that group.  I’ll see you again Tom, but we may have to tone the stories down a little bit.

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