We Make The Decisions…

You and I make decisions virtually every day that impact us only somewhat, or almost not-at-all, or significantly and in some cases for a long, long time.  We pay various prices for some of our decisions and benefit from other decisions we’ve made over the course of a lifetime.  I wish I could be proud of each and every decision I have ever made, but I cannot in retrospect.

It’s not that I’m a criminal.  I’ve stolen once and that taught me that lesson.  Fortunately, I was about 3 or 4 at the time and some candy at the local ‘dime store’ found its way into my pocket.  Needless to say, when my Mother found I had candy upon our arriving at home, she marched me straight back to that store, made me apologize and denied me the opportunity to buy it with my meager allowance at the time…which might’ve been an occasional nickel if Dad had change in his pocket and thought to give some of it to me.

That was a life lesson and obviously, I remember it to this day.  I have been on the straight and narrow to this day…and I couldn’t run fast enough or far enough to even hope to get away…so I am simply honest, to a fault some would say but a lesson is a lesson.

Our own Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has attracted another opposing candidate in the coming race for the House seat he has occupied for several terms.  I have extolled Ryan’s virtues as a House member often, so I’ll not engage in that, much, today.  I did note in a news article by Dan Bice in my morning e-version of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Ryan has another challenger for the first time in so long as I can remember…which is shorter and shorter, it seems, every year…if I recall correctly.

One of Ryan’s challengers is a fellow by the name of Randy Bryce who has decided it was time to square away a couple of old debts given he was going to be subjected to a lot of public interest in his challenger’s role.  His mother did not grab him by the ear, it would seem, but to his ultimate credit, he has retired an old debt involving delinquent child support payments.

He has also been shown to have driven with a revoked driver’s license…twice.  You can find this in today’s Milwaukee Journal.  The problem with all this is simply the question of whether or not the old debt would’ve been paid had he not decided to run against Ryan.  I can’t be sure, but there is a timeline involved that would suggest this resulted from him understanding he was about to stand under a very bright light.

We know virtually everything about Paul Ryan given his years in a heavy duty public office.  We’ve seen him in a deer stand, with his wife of many years patiently waiting at home, debating on the floor of Congress, etc., etc.  As I said before, I have had the distinct privilege to be involved in personal meetings with Rep. Ryan and I couldn’t find a fault with him or his logic if I were paid to do so.  Sure, there are those things that were beyond his control but that is the way of our House of Representatives.

The very idea that we would seriously think of trading this man with a breadth of knowledge earned on-the-job in what likely is the single toughest job in Congress for a never-before-tested guy with something of a checkered personal past points to one thing for me:  that this is the only person the Democrats could find who is willing to risk his reputation, such as that is, to try to defeat what I believe to be one of the top 10 members of the House of Representatives; that simply shows how bereft of talent the Dems find themselves in that District.

You can certainly make up your own mind if you choose by ‘Googling’ “Daniel Bice Milwaukee Journal 11/28/2017”.

I find myself sometimes, actually oftimes, perturbed that Republicans cannot get things passed but then I see the wrangling of cats that has to happen to make that possible and I know that is simply sometimes an impossibility given the competing factions in the Republican House today.  Remember that we have a faction within the Republican House membership that loves to make Ryan’s life as close to impossible as they can, even to the detriment of their party.  They are known as the Freedom Caucus.

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of people with the grit to ‘make their bones’ given the range of competing self-interest that all but the LEADER have at their beck and call.  That person needs the wisdom of Soloman and the fortitude of Goliath…and there just aren’t very many of those minted regularly.  Ryan is, in my opinion, singular in that quality and with those qualifications and is needed back in the House as never before.  It is tough enough to go one-on-one with the Dems day-in and day-out let alone having to fight as hard or harder with members of your own caucus.

The country needs Ryan, not just this state.

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