Thanksgiving Day – 2017

This is the day when we typically stuff ourselves with more than the special guest turkey was stuffed with when we began the process of becoming so full we can’t seem to stay awake very long.  There is a special video that bears watching and that is found at:

Since this is the day for us to give thanks, as if every day isn’t one of those days, this video production seemed quite appropriate.  If we put any real effort into it, we each could have a list at least a full page long of all those to whom we owe a thank-you.

We tend to make Thanksgiving day all about food and while that is part of this special day, it tends to get in the way of the real meaning.  This is the one day of all 365/366 days that each year brings to us when we especially thank God for His blessings.

In case this link isn’t clickable after posting, simply key the website address into your browser for a real treat!

Happy Thanksgiving Day – 2017 Version!

I pray that you are surrounded by loved ones today and that those from whom you’re separated by distance seem to be seated right beside you at the feast table today.

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