Political Combat Zone…

We have come a long way from the barber shop, beauty shop, or coffee shop get-together where guys and gals talked about the news of the day, solved the problems of the world and still had time to get some work done.  And…left the discussion still as friends looking forward to the next morning’s coffee or shave and a trim.

Today, the barber/beauty shops/coffee shops of our earlier lives would be abuzz, as usual.  There used to be a semblance of collegiality even as people perched on opposite sides of the various issues of the day.  Collegiality is among the casualties in this new world in which we find ourselves.

We take our news in a way that might be similar to getting a transfusion through a garden hose, or, as is the case once-in-awhile today, through A FIRE HOSE.  Today we see that six Democrats in the House of Representatives have launched another impeachment effort aimed at our President generally claiming that he is a danger to the country.  Another Federal Judge has decided that he knows better than the President so he is blocking whatever is the issue-of-the-day in his world.

Of course, these things seem to crowd the more sordid Democrat scandal of the day or the week off the front pages…as is no doubt the intention of Dems, and even of many in the press who are supposed to (ha-ha) have no dog in political races.

Given all this extra-curricular activity, one wonders just how anything really productive can possibly get done in our Congress.  And, frankly, I don’t think this Congress has done its job at all.  In fact, if we were to keep score as we do in baseball, there’d be a string of hundreds of scoreless innings with occasional dust-ups requiring an umpire to sort out the damage.

This all bothers me since I think highly of the Speaker of the House, and I want our country to reap the benefits of a working Congress and a President who is not getting the credit he deserves in contrast to all the garbage that gets dumped in his lap every morning.

This is one of those times when it seems that the Dems are acting like the latest street gang in a large city taking on any and all comers without regard to what the comers were attempting to do to improve the neighborhood.  Democrat-appointed Federal Judges block anything and everything just because President Trump is in favor of this or that.

Standing federal law is simply ignored by the Dems because they don’t agree with it, or it would damage their pet position-of-the-day.  This has become the order of the day in our political world.  The happening of the month is when something President Trump has been associated with is actually implemented or not implemented based on his beliefs as to what is best for our country.

All this folderol is simply stalling the process to benefit a political party beset with pettiness without regard to what would be best for the country.  The Dems are going to go into a corner and pout while they suck on their pacifiers, and occasionally emerge to block this, that or the other thing pushed by the Republicans.

I can almost imagine the local barber shops and the local coffee shops around our country where people gather daily to opine on the issues of the day or week.  The clucking about things done or not done fill the air.  There may be an occasional sharper  argument, but for the most part people are on their best behavior because they all live in the same community, and have known each other since childhood in many cases.

They have seen politicians come and go, and probably would be happy to tell you which ones today ought to be given a one-way ticket back home.  If our forefathers were to magically come back to the counter in the local coffee shop this morning, imagine their disgust at what passes for federal government at this stage in our country’s existence.  Imagine the arguments that would go on.  And, then, imagine that each would shake hands with the others and go about his or her business to return the next morning with the same group.

I fear that our governing group, the politicians, have forgotten what small town America is all about.  I know the Speaker comes from Janesville, WI and that community still has something of a small town ambiance you can feel.  That is America far more than Los Angeles or New York City are America.  We are somehow being sucked into a strange world dreamed up by the politicos that you and I don’t recognize.  Are we wrong or are they wrong?

I’d suggest that too many of the politicians we send off to Washington, D.C. lose touch with those of us who vote for them and who pay taxes in order for them to have money to spend to make our cities and states better places in which to live.  They, unlike our state level politicians, live in that never-never land that simply isn’t America.  We need to be sure we help them keep both feet on the ground.

Just look at the haughty attitude of the immediate past President the next time he is shown on camera. This is not a man that represents you and me anymore than Santa Claus.  This is a man who finds himself above you and me and who has the condescending look of an emperor bothered by the little people.  He is so far removed from the downtown coffee shop that he wouldn’t know one if he saw it…unless a flunky made it known to him.  I wonder how he went from relatively little money in the bank to a multi-millionaire on what we paid him as President?

We’d be better off if we still had some of that good old hometown America flowing through our governing bodies.


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