Most of Us Have Standards…

But, if the left didn’t have double standards, it seems many of them would have no standards at all…

That is a great line (wish it were mine), and it says a great deal in such a few words.  In the world of Democrats, the one true aphrodisiac is power.  Power is the epitome of being a Democrat.  Given the thirst for power, all else seems to be given short shrift.  Truth certainly is not given much billing.  The truth in this latest episode seemed to have gone away within some 12 to 18 hours.  The fact this was very old news before being broken days ago upholds my argument.  The truth is not a Dem drug of choice unless it provides the tool for the certain humiliation of a Republican.

If we but look at last week in Washington, D.C. we see everything we need to see to fully understand the Democrats.  Anything is fair with their brand of politics.  A ‘tongue down the throat’ is to be forgotten in a moment with the obvious participation of the grand old ‘mainstream media’.

Imagine, if you will, the past week and weekend if this were a Republican that had engaged in the offensive behavior that Senator Al Franken (D-MN) committed in an earlier life as something of a stand-up comedian.  The ‘someone’ would already be on his or her way out of the Senate!  And, the American press would be aghast; you would have to crawl under a large rock to get away from the banging of cymbals and blaring of horns decrying the conduct, demanding resignation and public humiliation to the “nth” degree.

I don’t recall that level of outcry having been heard in this situation.  This ‘story’ had been put away within some 36 hours of it being broken.  The offender is apparently hiding out for a few days somewhere in Northern Minnesota.  He’ll have found some new ‘something’ to be his latest standard in the liberal parade and that will quickly wipe away the stain of his earlier transgressions.

The old bromide, ‘all is fair in love and war’, needs to be revised so that it says ‘all is fair in love, war, and Democratic politics’.  Is there really anyone, on either side of the political aisle that doesn’t see this tawdry double standard?  Is there any Democrat that has the brass to confront this guy head-on and say it like it is?  It has been a week or more and none has stepped to the plate yet.  Each Dem who maintains his or her silence becomes culpable as the result of his or her intentional ignorance.  Where is Ms. Pelosi?  Where is Ms. Waters?

If anyone of us thought there was no leftward lean to the mainstream media, the lack of wall-to-wall public scorn from the media should provide us with the answer to that question.  The press has a decided leftward lean to it.  Can you even begin to imagine the outcry if this act was purported to have been conducted by our current President during an earlier time in his business career?

That would’ve been wall-to-wall for forty-eight to seventy-two hours and would still be the grist for headline after headline.  The demand for his resignation would’ve been seen an instant following the press’ release of that kind of story.  I call that, among other things, a huge double-standard for this mainstream media bunch, but they, of course, will never report that about themselves.

Most of us have standards.  But that statement seems to be refuted when we look at the Democrats in office in the swamp we know as the District of Columbia.  It also seems to be refuted when we look at what passes for the press these days and the absence of the story of the century branding a liberal U.S. Senator as a pariah.


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