Trump Twitter Poll…

Black Lives Matter got a surprise when it used its Twitter account to take a simple poll.  The poll asked the readers to indicate whether they liked or disliked President Trump.  You know what is coming…the poll showed that of the 48,000+ votes cast, 67% approved of President Trump while 28% disapproved of him.  The remaining 5% supposedly picked the “Who is Donald Trump?” box.  Black Lives Matter deleted the Twitter poll when they were made aware of the count…but they obviously didn’t get rid of it soon enough.  Someone grabbed a screen print.

I am not surprised too much by this result.  President Trump has spoken quite bluntly about what he will do and then he does it.  That is quite uncommon amongst politicians and strikes a resonant chord with many if I don’t miss my guess.  The blunt talk that leaves little to the imagination, I think, appeals to many people and color makes little if any difference.

Too many of us are prejudiced by politics due to politicians who have come and gone.  We remember those who were true to their word almost without regard to the positions they took on various issues.  Among the things that sets President Trump apart is his blunt statements of fact.  He has not yet succumbed to the need to begin ‘gilding lilies’, and it seems very unlikely that he will do so.

In this day and age, a what you see is what you get approach especially in politics is refreshing even if you don’t always like it.  I wonder if that might not be what caused this Twitter poll to produce the results it did?  So many people, of all races, have become disenchanted by politics because of the way too many politicians abuse the political system, and this poll likely tapped into that vein unexpectedly.

Donald Trump is a political anomaly.  He does what we often least expect.  That seems a quality that we place significant value on.  We elected him to be our President.  ‘We’ includes those of all races as Black Lives Matter apparently just learned.

The Commandant of the U.S. Air Force Academy recently made a forceful statement concerning racism at the Academy when he bluntly told the assembled cadets “If you can’t treat someone from a different race or a different color skin with dignity and respect, then you need to get out”.  Some have seized on this as the opportunity to go after President Trump claiming he has shirked his duty if the Air Force Academy Commandant has to do his (the President’s) job.

On the contrary, the Commandant was simply echoing his Commander-in-Chief’s position with that statement, and it seems this twitter poll simply confirmed that President Trump is seen as tough on racism…as every American President and politician ought to be.  As much as they might hate the reality, liberals are losing ground as the result of us electing Donald Trump as our President.  I suspect that the Black vote for Donald Trump played a key role in the embarrassing showing mounted by Hillary Clinton.

Trump has shown us that he says what is on his mind, and we sometimes shudder a bit as the result, but he stands true to his word and that hits a very resonant chord with Americans of all races and ethnicities.

Our vote for Donald Trump had many implications, most favorable, that we will continue to learn about as time passes.  The Black Lives Matter Twitter poll is but one example of the fact that people of different skin colors saw in him a man who speaks the truth to power and doesn’t flinch a bit as he does so.  We have seen that also in foreign affairs.  This is a strong man who doesn’t mince words even though I sometimes wish he did, quite frankly.  He is very comfortable in his own skin.  He has made his fortune so he doesn’t really see much of a need to pussyfoot around an issue.

I think President Trump has a certain appeal to the “everyman” and the “everywoman” in our country; and, I think that will only grow stronger as time passes.  We’ve had our fill of pussyfooting politicians.  We’re tired of trying to understand what the latest politician said after listening to him or her for 15 minutes.

Trump has been refreshing much more than he has been embarrassing.  He says what he thinks.  Will that be embarrassing once in a while?  Yeah.  Is it still endearing to us that he is as human as you and me?  Yeah!  Not only you and I are learning this; all the leaders in this world are learning it.


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