Swamp Creatures…

There seems credence to the idea that our nation’s Capitol is built upon what at one time long ago was a swampy area.  Whether or not totally factual, that lends itself so well to the purposes of today’s blog that we’ll presume it true.

Swamps render thoughts of creatures that are simply too frightening to permit a youngster to get to sleep at night.  It seems we have something of that genre present today and it is at least as ugly as anything we might conjure up in our mind’s eye.

We have what I prefer to label “Swamp Creatures” walking the halls of Congress.  These are dressed in many ways but tend to be troglodytes that manifest themselves when beautiful young women are in their midst.  We have heard these stories for so long as I can recall.  There is sufficient evidence to support that story in general, and there is enough specific evidence to support ascribing names to these Swamp Creatures.

The most recent Swamp Creature to emerge from the depths of depravity is one Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and he seems to have the demeanor to pull off the name.  Sleaze is not beyond this member of the species.  I fear that he is not the sole member of that group that thrives in Washington, D.C.

This disease afflicts members of all political genre and extends further than politics, I’m sure.  Franken is the most recent publicly identified member of the group.  There seems something that stems from the feeling of power that stimulates this behavior.  That may simply be the feeling that the instigator feels so powerfully, and it is apparently so difficult to control that the perpetrator feels it is okay for him to engage in where and when he finds a suitable target.

In the case of Sen. Franken, this activity was caught on film.  This is not simply a “she said, he said” story.  We have seen it.  He is obviously a member of a very powerful group of 100.  He is a member of the U.S. Senate.  His voters found him to be a satisfactory candidate for the office and elected him to the office.  (I disagree, but I digress.)  Will they return him to this office at the next opportunity to vote?  I don’t know but I fear this activity may’ve found, by that day, a place deep in the recesses of their minds so as to see him re-elected.

I do know that people in powerful positions seem to be given more latitude in the way they act.  We all know that those people can and often do find themselves ‘cut some slack’ with simple verbal punishment that seems to be gone overnight.  Some believe that those in positions of power are entitled to the occasional peccadillo.  We go “tut-tut” and then whatever precipitated that is tucked way back in the depth of our mind.

Sen. Franken is likely hoping this will be the case for him.  I certainly hope he is not re-elected.  I found it curious that he was elected in the first place, but that is me.  His actions were unprofessional, demeaning to females and seemingly done with either no thought of him suffering as the result or his knowledge that whatever the uproar, it would dissipate quickly.

Members of the United States Senate need be of better character than he has shown himself to have been at the time.  That body needs to be made up of people whom we can, at least, respect as a decent person even though we might find significant fault with their politics on occasion.

Senator Al Franken does not measure up in my opinion, and I sincerely hope his constituents reach that same conclusion.  There are more than enough genuine issues in the District of Columbia.  The idea that these are the types of people seated in our nation’s capitol is foreign to me…and I hope to most of us.  This one is up to the voters in Minnesota unless the U. S. Senate takes up the issues and castigates Franken as he deserves.


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