Colorado Cannabis – 5 Years

Colorado has had legal medical marijuana use for five years and there seem to be some mixed reports.  I can find no news reports containing anything untoward about Cannabis in either the Denver or the Colorado Springs newspapers.  I have relatives in Colorado and I hear nothing but the adverse sides of cannabis and the results of this being the 5th anniversary of the approval of that weed for use in certain areas of medicine.  Hemp has never looked so promising.

The two schools of thought seem driven by either the money involved or the issues created by this approval some five or more years ago.  I see a push now for the legalization of Cannabis for recreational uses, and that was probably to be expected when the medicinal use was approved.

Given some of the reports from residents of Colorado, there are issues involved with the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes since some of it seems to find its way into recreational use (for quasi-medical or seemingly medical purposes) or has resulted in law enforcement issues.

Having found only medical use reports, I wondered about the recreational use of cannabis and lo and behold, there is activity on that front in Colorado.  There are efforts afoot to legalize marijuana for recreational use ongoing in the state.  I suspect that will probably be approved given the apparently relatively benign first five years of its legal existence in Colorado.

Untalked about is what I understand to be a growing recreational use problem with cannabis.  Anecdotally, people seemed to have known this was going to happen.  People have witnessed the deterioration of some communities where people have jumped the gun on recreational use, and have done so somewhat blatantly.  To the point that residents of the area choose not to shop in those communities given the people-driven reports coming from residents.

It seems that this problem has found its way into schools and has created some serious dependency issues amongst a younger population.  Legalized medical use had to be seen by some, at least, as the precursor to recreational use either illegally or legally.  Having relatives in that general area, we are privy to more of this discussion than many might be, but I do not doubt the veracity of the reports.

There is a ton of money to be made with marijuana whether legal or illegal or in a suspended state of something-in-the-middle.  That also breeds issues with the less-than-desirable element that trades on the misfortune of others with nary the blink of an eye.  There is an obvious element that jumps on these kinds of opportunities and there are those who will turn a blind eye to the issue IF they receive some kind of compensation, or promises of same, for having such poor vision.  Smoking clubs have sprouted where, of course(?), only those with medical issues consume cannabis.  I doubt that it would take a lot to find a person with an MD behind his or her name who would like to pick up some extra money.

There can be little to no doubt about where this is going.  Cannabis will be legalized for private use without a medical Rx in the not-too-distant future in Colorado.  There is simply too much money to be made for this not to occur.  And that money will get to many places before anyone would’ve predicted.  This will occur given the “very favorable”  experience with medical marijuana; never mind all that anecdotal baloney.  That comes from those incessant naysayers who know not what they preach about.  That argument will suffice until it is too late.  There is simply so much money to be made that common-sense will not exist.

Interestingly enough, there seems now to be an increase in heroin addiction in Colorado, but there probably is no direct and traceable link to medical marijuana…or if there were to be there is enough money to cause memories to be blanked out.  Cannabis is also, conveniently, used in the treatment of such addictions, so that is but one more link to make cannabis a more friendly ‘product’.

All this aside, there is MONEY, actually, there is MONEY involved that can blur other lines of thought.  Recreational use of marijuana in Colorado is not too far away.  Lawmakers will certainly want to do what is right…but what is right can be distorted depending upon the lens one looks through.  Wonder what the odds would be if that question were put to the people?  And what the odds would be if voted upon in the statehouse is anyone’s guess.  There are already cannabis business development and management consulting firms at work and a 501(c)3 cannabis consumer watchdog and advocacy organization in place.

Any bets on if…or are we now simply betting on when?

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