NFL Trying to Self-Destruct?

Most of us have followed the NFL player ‘antics’, to be kind, and there has been blowback by the fans.  Now the current, and I use that term intentionally, NFL Commissioner has laid his demands for a new contract on the table.  He has not done too good a job with the ‘ignore our flag’ player disruption, but apparently, he thinks he should be seen as able to walk on water.  And, he expects to be paid as if he were that gifted.

He now makes ONLY $30 million per year.

He has indicated what he expects as his renewal contract is about to be negotiated. The word ‘modest’ does not enter into the description of his demands.  He is demanding a raise of some 165% from that measly $30 Mil to $49.5 Mil.  AND, he wants a private jet for life and lifetime health insurance for him and his entire family.  How many generations of his family isn’t known, but given his demands it could extend down several generations…maybe to family members yet to be born for decades.

This must, from his point-of-view be the reward for his masterful handling of the National Anthem protests by players that have severely damaged the ratings for his sport.  There are team owners who do not take that kind of money from this “game” and they do not seem terribly anxious to roll over to these demands.

All this at a time when the fans have indicated they are not at all happy with the players intentional and unseemly ignorance of our flag and with team revenues off in many cases due to that PR fiasco.

There is a solution to this crazy set of facts.  The league’s team owners need to terminate Goodell short of his contract expiration date and pay him the balance due on the current contract.  Period. Paragraph. Amen.  While they’re at it, maybe they also need to terminate the contract of a player or two that have come to see themselves as bigger than the game.  And it is just that, a game.

This kind of response would go a long, long way in the entire world of professional sports if the owners across the board were strong-willed enough to seize the advantage.  A contract renewal such as Goodell has demanded is ludicrous and obscene on its face.  In the face of the problems many people have in this country every day, obscene is the proper word.

The time has obviously come for all of us to return to our senses.  This is a GAME.  It is not a life and death matter.  It is intended as entertainment.  Maybe us fans can assist in this matter.  Maybe those of us who see this as egregious should simply turn off the TV set for those games.  That will send a very strong message to the players, the team owners, the league AND the advertisers who pony-up big dollars for commercials.  If season ticket holders and corporate sponsors were to add to this protest, the whole thing would solve itself in very short order.

We, unfortunately, thought that this whole thing would go away but it seems that was only the bare bones beginning.  Greed is a powerful driver.  I suppose it had to come to this at some point.  This ugly boil needs to be pierced and drained.  The fans are in the driver’s seat IF they pool their clout.  That is up to you and me and everyone else.  A month of no NFL football watching, game attendance, goody purchases, etc. would drive a stake through the heart of the greed that has been manifested, and that finally has crossed over the bounds of the majority of us.

Nothing short of this seems to be sufficient.  And that is indeed unfortunate, but this has to be brought back under control and some old-fashioned common sense seems very much needed.


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