DACA – Complications & Implications…

The ‘DACA Dreamers’ granted rights by the Obama rules have more power at their disposal.  Liberal federal judges have jumped into this fight as we see in the case of 24-year-old Daniel Ramirez Medina.  Frankly, there is nothing surprising about that fact, however, it serves as a reminder of just how insidious the liberal machine can be given the tentacles that extend in different directions.

Judge Ricardo S. Martinez, who was appointed by then-President George W. Bush, ruled ‘that even illegal immigrants have due process rights that the government must respect and that their DACA status cannot be canceled without justification.’  This U.S. District Court is set in Seattle, so it is reasonable to presume a more liberal judge would be involved.  I confess that the idea that a person in our country illegally is entitled to the full protection of the law is still foreign to me…and likely will be the rest of my lifetime.

The judge wrote as follows in his decision: “While the Court recognizes and acknowledges that DACA does not confer lawful status upon an individual, the Court also finds that the representations made to applicants for DACA cannot and do not suggest that no process is due them, particularly in Plaintiff’s case where benefits have already been conferred.”

I would classify the first President Bush as a moderate Republican rather than either a liberal or a conservative.  He made decisions, in my opinion, based on his feelings about the various questions with which he was confronted.  He had that right when he was sworn in as our President.  I don’t dispute that.  I do use this point to make the case for ‘conservatives’ through and through, not just professed ‘conservatives’.  I voted for the first President Bush, but I am disappointed when I see this kind of result based on my vote, and obviously millions of other votes.

We know that our Federal court system has a plethora of liberal judges on the bench.  We know that those who bring cases such as this, wherever possible, choose (shop for) the court they file in for reasons that include the leanings of the judge likely to be involved in such cases.  They can apply this litmus test but we conservatives seemingly have no access to such a litmus test.

This all reinforces or should reinforce, the simple fact our votes have consequences, and those consequences often do not show themselves to us until too late.  I suspect that the U.S. Supreme Court, given its make-up, might well have a different idea about this but that case seems a long way off into the future at the moment.  Whether or not Congress has the ability to reinstate the obvious will of us, the people, and whether or not that would actually solve the problem, as I perceive it at least, of liberal judges remains to be seen.

These are the types of issues that ought to reinforce in us the importance of electing valid, proven conservatives to an office from the ground floor on up the political ladder.  It also demonstrates how far into the future we will need to maintain this effort if we are to ultimately prevail to the point where we have a proven and reliable conservative government, not just a self-declared conservative government that waffles when the votes are called.

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