DACA ‘Dreamers’…

Former President Obama created and launched the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in June 2012 in order to provide protection to young people who came to this country as children.  In 2014 President Obama announced an expansion of the DACA program to include the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program that deferred the deportation for parents and lawful permanent residents for parents of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents.  Nice parlay!

The combination of these two actions accounts for some 5.2 million people or more being in the U.S., and as you might imagine, these people know that the Democrats were the givers of this gift vis a vis President Obama’s action.

This has been a political football since President Trump took office with him threatening to end or significantly alter these programs and the Democrats resisting since they see this a wonderful political gift from Trump and the Republicans.  Imagine adding some 5.2 million new Democrat voters somewhere down the road, and you understand the magnitude of this human football ‘game’.

The Dems have now tied this issue to pending legislation threatening to delay the legislation unless and until President Trump and the Republicans back down and grant citizenship in one or another form to these 5.2 million people.  Why would they do this?  Simply to gain greater control of this group of new voters.  Would President Trump be in office today or would Hillary Clinton be our President instead given the additional votes that would’ve accrued to her from this group now indebted, theoretically at least, to the Democrat Party?

We look back at the eight years of President Obama’s sitting in the White House and we see that his actions have been very significant and typically benefit the Democrat Party.  We also see that there are “gifts” that keep on giving if there is a determined Democrat element in Congress willing to use the tools available.  There is no way the Dems would not make use of the people represented by DACA/DAPA and that is precisely what they are up to today.  They use the people whom they purportedly protect.

There is a simple lesson in all of this:  Democrats are tougher at the long game of politics because they’ll play with humans as if they are nothing more than chess pieces on a board.  And, they do this while getting credit from those being used, whom they see simply as tools, for having used them as tools.  Of course, they have the willing accomplices in the media that love these heart-tugging stories they can gain huge viewership from by using the people involved.

The press loves the back and forth because it sells viewership, and readership increases.  Additionally, the press is typically a supporter of all Democrat issues and it gains viewership by playing the game with the Dems.  When was the last time you heard or read a story about Democrats that favored their opposition?  Even those stories that lend themselves to a Republican bias are told with a Democrat bias clearly present.

This story is among those.  The words indicating that these people have been and continue to be ‘used’ are intentional for that is precisely what is happening to them, and a perfect example of that is playing out this week.  Note that in all likelihood the Dems will win not only the point they’re after but they’ll also win in the public opinion game that is so, so important to politicians.  That second win will come from their practiced used of public opinion and the usefulness of a very dependable press that is accustomed to presenting only one side of these stories…or at least represents the Dem side of these stories as human interest and ‘for the people’ stories which ends up being favorable to the Dems.

The idea that the press doesn’t see what they’re doing is ludicrous from my perspective.

The idea that Republicans have yet to find an anecdote to this press ‘usefulness’ is also most annoying…but I guess we have gotten used to this slant since we never hear or see any press pushback.  The conservatives in this party could make some significant gains if they made these kinds of issues their own by simply explaining publicly the methods being employed.  Where are they in these kinds of situations?  How better to improve the image of conservatives than to show we really care about people?

Seems to fall on deaf ears.

Blatant Commercial

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