One Year Ago…

It has been a year since the election that brought us Donald Trump as our next President.  We, the electorate, spoke quite clearly and with sufficient volume to get our point across.  We wanted change, and we wanted it so much that we chose a non-politician to bring that change to us.  He has been doing what most of us who voted for him expected of him in this past eight and one-half months, albeit in ways we didn’t likely expect but he has been getting the job done.  He is anything but a ‘tried and true’ politician.  Maybe more of us were ready for that than the Dems thought.

The opposition is unable to wait for an actual first full year in office so we have a treat from the Brookings Institute in a written review by Elaine Kamarck on this ‘anniversary of his election’ victory.  This is a very well written piece, from my point-of-view, that takes what I would call a skeptical and somewhat cynical view of our sitting President and his accomplishments since taking office.

By the third paragraph, we see the word “impeachment” to give you an idea of the slant.

The thrust is to take us out a year to the mid-term elections, and that is probably a very valid test.  It hardly seems possible that we are less than a year into the Trump Presidency and also a year away from the next national election.  Both all members of the House, as well as a select third of Senators, will be up for election/re-election in that race.  If these first eight and one-half months are to be seen as an indicator, this will probably be seen as a test of President Trump’s actions to date, and that means we are in for a more vitriolic campaign season than the last was.

The first thing in Trump’s favor is that he is not Obama.  The second thing in his favor is that he is not Hillary.  He might well be seen as the antithesis of President Obama.  His first two-thirds of a year as our President has been spent in taking down as much of what Obama left as is possible for a President to do with or without Congress.  He ran on that platform in large part and he is delivering on his pledge.  Our problems are essentially external to our country.  Those consist of the broken relationships inherited from the Obama Administration.  They include the results of the liberals who were made or retained as judges.  They include the efforts by the Dems in Congress to torpedo any and every proposition mounted by this Administration based solely on origin rather than anything else.

They also include the greatest effort I have witnessed to muck up the gears of Congress with threats of this and that investigation, ‘blue slips’ to keep judges from taking their appointed seats, etc., etc.  The Democrats have been conducting political guerilla warfare, pure and simple, and they will continue that effort unless we place more Republicans in Congress.  They’ll continue to whine and cry foul about this and that (which is probably normal conduct of business for the Dems, but not to be permitted by Republicans), but that is okay so long as we continue to drive the country on a conservative course.

We are quite some time away from the next Presidential election BUT we need to be ready today and tomorrow and next week and next month.  The Democrat onslaught will be ever-present and will grow in its intensity as we near the next Presidential election cycle.  That will be upon us in the blink-of-an-eye and it promises to be the biggest struggle us conservatives have ever faced.  In fact, it appears this may be the first time admitted liberals will face admitted conservatives in the race for the WhiteHouse.

Finally, we need for Republicans to coalesce around our President and to do so in good faith.  Us conservatives will need to be the adults in the room with a winning message and winning programs.  There are still Republicans who aren’t truly conservative in their viewpoints, but I believe we are making progress…and Donald Trump is our President and likely will be our President after the next election…if we can keep our ship afloat and on course.

Blatant Commercial

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