The term ‘millennials’ is used to categorize the group of people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.  They make up what is now the largest generation of Americans.  Of course, they have been ‘polled’ and, of course, that polling is troublesome, at least to some.  If it weren’t, we probably wouldn’t concern ourselves with the results.
Normal results, whatever that is these days, likely wouldn’t have produced the angst this polling appears to have produced  No news there.  The results of this polling tell us some things, such as this: some 45% would prefer to live in a socialist country.
Only 42% of that group said it preferred to live in a capitalist society.  7% actually said they would prefer to live in an entirely communist society.  We’ll presume the remaining 6% had a wider range of response and simply weren’t suited to categorization.
The poll was conducted by YouGov and the ‘Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’ and was pointed toward determining the millennials’ views on the various political systems in our world today.  Given the sponsors, I would’ve expected skewing opposite that which you see below.
We don’t know how random the selection of subjects was, of course.  If it was chosen from predominantly metropolitan areas, it would likely differ in political make-up from a group that represented more ‘small town’ America.
The fact that Millenials are now the largest single sector of the population in the country means something.  Fox News has found that “the percentage of millennials who prefer socialism over capitalism is a full 10% higher than that of the ‘general’ population.
Add to this these tidbits: some 20% of ‘twenty-somethings’ believe Joesph Stalin to be a hero despite his being a mass murderer.  More than 25% believe the same about Kim Jong Un and about Vladimir Lenin.
One of the most troubling things from my personal point-of-view is that more than 40% believed the First Amendment should be restricted so that nobody is allowed to say anything anyone might find offensive.  That, by itself, is sufficient to destroy our rights to free speech.
We have obviously failed in our societal duties to raise informed and caring individuals if these numbers are to be believed.  Of those participating in this poll, 70% failed to know the definition of communism or were aware of how many people have been historically eradicated under that system.
This speaks, in my opinion, to a failure in our educational institutions, but more importantly a failure in us parents for not inculcating this in our youth.  The history of those kinds of societies ought to be regular topics else we forget the lessons we should’ve learned.  This further speaks to the impact of the liberal influence in our government and in our educational system.
As conservative thought leaders, we have a significant educational job to do and we have scant little time in which to get that job done.


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