Democrat Party Bombshell!

Politico Magazine released an article today that is titled “Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC”.  This is a piece by Donna Brazile who took the job of party head after the Dem’s convention.  She relates that she promised Bernie Sanders that she’d get to the bottom of the question of whether or not Hillary’s nomination had been rigged.  That was what the Russian-hacked e-mails had indicated.

There is a pre-story in this situation that shows that “Barack Obama’s neglect” had left the Democrat Party in debt and Hillary’s campaign helped to resolve that debt and controlled spending from that time on.  In return for this ‘bail-out’, Hillary and her campaign demanded absolute control of the operations of the Party.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz had been the head of the Democrat Party during this time and is reported to not have been very active in fund-raising nor very capable of the job of controlling the Democratic Party.  Surprise, surprise!

It seems that Obama had left the Party with a debt of some $24 Million consisting of $8+ Million owed to vendors after the Democratic campaign and $15+ Million in bank debt.

Long story short, Hillary’s campaign paid off about 80% of the debt and insisted on controlling expenses from that point forward.  And absolute control was exactly that…Absolute Control.  The Hillary Victory Fund funneled $32 million collected from states, money that usually stayed in those states for campaign purposes, into the coffers of the national party.  Hillary’s campaign took over virtually full and complete control of the Democratic Party with an agreement that her campaign would control the party’s finances, strategy and all money raised, and that it would decide on who would be staff, and that it would be consulted on all budgeting, data, analytics, and mailings.

Long and short, this gave Hillary absolute control even before she had become the Party’s nominee.  Where would that leave anyone else who might be vying for the nomination?  Out in the cold…and that is where Bernie Sanders found himself.  He might be paid lip service but he wasn’t going to be taken seriously nor funded as a serious possibility.  Hillary and Company had decided that from the very beginning and did everything necessary to assure that outcome.

It is interesting to learn that Donna Brazile found weaknesses in the various states when Hillary’s name was mentioned.  She was not universally supported nor was she universally liked as a person.  But, given the fact that her campaign machine had virtual ‘ownership’ of the Democratic Party by dint of the financial stranglehold being exercised, this reality made no difference,  The die had been cast months earlier.  Hillary was not liked and Bernie would never get his foot in the door.

It is interesting that were this a Republican Party issue, there would be ‘hell to pay’ politically on the national scene.  Imagine if the name ‘Hillary Clinton’ was to be replaced in this same story by the name  Donald Trump.  Where would it have gone and how quickly would the wildfire have spread?

This very issue provides us a great look inside the national press.  There had to have been rumors of this floating all through the national political system.  This story was being developed by Politico and that wouldn’t have occurred in a vacuum.  Does this tell us anything about the allegiances of the mainstream media?  Were this a story about Donald Trump having subverted control of the Republican Party for his own purposes, do you think it would’ve not been unveiled until this far after the election?

The answers are obvious.  The conclusions to be drawn are myriad.  There is a certain innate corruptness about this family.  It has been untrue to itself given the many stories of mutual disrespect between Bill and Hillary, and it has been an almost farcical, if not so very serious, display of human frailties and human intrigue…none of it something of which to be proud.

This family ought to find a large flat rock and crawl beneath it, but instead, it is sure to be, as you read this, figuring how to overcome this ‘obstacle’ so as to propel Hillary into residency in the Oval Office.  There simply is no shame about them.  There is seemingly nothing they can do to become the pariahs they ought to be seen as being.

These are the occurrences that give ‘politics’ a bad name.


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