Boy Scouts of America…

I think back to my scouting days as a youth and leading into my pre-adulthood.  Those were formative years for me, and I think for all young men as they reach maturity.  I remember Camp Decorah, pitching tents, starting campfires, always be courteous and being proud to wear the uniforms and my merit badges on a sash as I progressed through the stages of scouthood.

What has our society wrought through these many years?  The Boy Scouts of America, as of October 1st, have now determined that girls can become members.  Next year, the Cub Scouts will admit girls and apparently, the ultimate goal is for girls to become Eagle Scouts.

Openly gay members have been accepted since 2015, and in January they voted to admit transgender boys according to an article in The Weekly Standard’s October 23, 2017, issue.  The Girl Scouts are apparently very concerned since the next step would be for girls to become Boy Scouts if they chose.  But, those same Girls Scouts began accepting transgenders as members in 2011.

We reap what we sow, and this is nothing but a perfect reflection of just how fouled up our society is becoming/has become.  I am thankful that my children have been adults for a long time, but I confess that I am very discouraged as I watch the degradation of our society.  As if that is not enough, I see that degradation increasing in its pace.

Our society is becoming a “mashup”.  That word is defined as ‘a mixture or fusion of disparate elements’.  We all know, or should know, that we humans are never satisfied with ‘a little’ of anything.  We always seem to crave more of whatever it is.  Unfortunately, that no longer simply applies to material things.

We humans have moved onto very dangerous turf.  We’re now thinking of ourselves, apparently, as akin to The Creator but smarter than He.  We seem, quite simply, to believe that we know better than God.  That is, unfortunately, not a new phenomenon.  This devolution has been going on since the Garden of Eden.  But, have we now managed to take that final step on this slippery slope?  How much further can this movement be taken?

This all has become a mainstream America ‘thing’.  The Weekly Standard editors see this as a movement that will fizzle,  as “a victim of its own incoherence” as it said in this piece.

I’d like to be able to believe they are accurate in their supposition, but I am fearful they are not.  We always seem to want just a bit more of everything.  We are, quite frankly, our own worst enemies and we are now dealing with issues that significantly transcend our “pay grades”.

This isn’t some cockeyed movement of the political left.  I would venture that those making these kinds of societal decisions were anything but that of conservatives.  This is a liberal move to recast our society into what they seem to believe will be a better place.

We see if we’ll but take the blinders of political correctness off, very basic changes in the fabric of our lives.  The liberal movement has long ago taken the step from politics into the very fabric of our lives…into our faith system that has been with us since the Creation.  And they did it deftly as us conservatives thought we couldn’t possibly be seeing what it appears was actually happening.

The frog in the water metaphor seems quite appropriate.  As us conservatives observed, we apparently couldn’t quite believe our eyes and chose to stay quiet.  The water is just coming to a boil and we’re trapped in our own mess of historic hesitant observation.  If you have not been a conservative before, this is the time to get right with all that matters.

If you are or claim to be a conservative, this is the time for action…in fact, it may be past the ideal time for action, but I believe we can pull ourselves out of this pot of about-to-be-boiling water.


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2 thoughts on “Boy Scouts of America…

  1. Hi Al

    My Grandson Hugh and his Dad have both joined the Cub Scouts through their church.

    The experience is still very new yet Dad and Son have had one local hike, one service event ( selling holiday wreaths for proceeds going to Puerto Rico and one introduction to the Scout salute , which has been taught to me.Pinewood Derby coming in December. I really enjoy thinking about my time with my Son and hope that Hugh loves the time with his Dad.

    Your reflections are encouraging and put a smile on my face, so thank you for sharing .

    Whether Hugh aspires to be an Eagle or a Weblow really does not matter, what does matter are the memories he has of his by his side . I love the fact that my Son can watch his Son grow in Little League, youth hockey, Cub Scouts, school, and Bible studies,brotherhood and family.

    I pray that the changes proposed will not cheat him of these things .

    Simultaneously I pray that my wonderful Grand Daughters are able and allowed to experience these growth opportunities within the Girlscouts.

    Change is not always better!

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