There are Families and then there are Families.  Some of the more infamous or famous Families would include the Gambino Family in the criminal world and the Clinton Family in the political world.  Since its apparent origin in Arkansas with the Governorship of William Jefferson Clinton, formerly William Jefferson Blythe III at birth, this family has figured in the American political scheme of things.  It is up to each of us to determine what our take on the Clinton Family amounts to today.

For some, the Clintons are the best thing to happen since sliced bread.  For others, the take is a definite opposite.  That seems to be the case since the Clintons emerged into the public eye in Arkansas.  That seems a couple of normal lifetimes ago given their multiple escapades.

Jonah Goldberg has a piece on Townhall.com which makes for interesting reading.  That piece is titled “The Clintons Are Just Not That Into You” giving you a feel for what you’ll find if you ‘Google’ that.  Of course, the Russians figure in this as does the Clinton use of abuse, exploitation, and deceit as suits their familial purpose at the time.

Do you remember “Bimbo Eruptions”?  How about the nickname “Slick Willie”?

I think most of us remember the various schemes and unsolved mysteries that have followed Bill and Hillary Clinton through the years.   I think most of us have likely marveled, not necessarily appreciatively, at their ability to emerge from these scandals relatively unscathed while others who were involved were dealt with very differently by history.

I still marvel that the Democratic Party would nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton to run for the office of the President of the United States of America with all the detritus that was to have surfaced again.  There is definitely some kind of hold that the Clinton Family has over that political party.

Each of us has, truth be told, at one time or another, done something or not done something that we’d prefer not be made public.  Maybe that would be something so innocent as forgetting to pay for a candy bar we ate while we were shopping for groceries.  Certainly, whatever we did or didn’t do does not likely rise to the level of the numerous instances we see in the Clinton Family.  Were that not the case, we’d likely, in my opinion, have some kind of criminal record tagging along behind us.

A quote from Goldberg’s piece is this:  “The Clintons will always abuse, exploit, deceive and make fools of their biggest fans and friends, the press, the public and even each other.”

It is nearly impossible to keep up with all the times when they have demonstrated their apparent, and seemingly true, belief that they are simply better than any and everyone else.  They are permitted to do what you or I would pay a penalty for having done.  That has been the case since we became aware of Bill and Hillary, and now Chelsea and it appears that will always be the case.

Through all this ‘stuff’, they have managed to stay out of jail, make millions upon millions of dollars and still roam the streets without warrants having been issued.  As Goldberg states, “the rules are for other people”.  He seems to have hit upon the truth in the case of the Clintons.  There is some perverse charm in their collective lives, so far at least, that protects them and enables them to continue with lives immune to the laws you and I are required to observe else we serve time in an institution.

Obviously, not all families are created equal…at least in the eye of the law…else justice would have been rendered some time ago.

All this a sad, sad commentary on both our country and the Clinton Family that appears destined to go on for many years to come given the time that has already elapsed.  I encourage you to read Goldberg’s piece.  He is among my favorite writers.


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