Human Frailties…

We are frail creations.  I am personally reminded of that daily.  There are members of Congress that apparently are not afflicted with any frailties.  Maxine Waters comes to mind as does Frederica Wilson, both members of the House of Representatives, and both Democrats.  Waters is from California and Wilson is from Florida.  Both are what I would label as ‘bombastic’ ladies being given to verbal outbursts that oft get ahead of their brains, or so it would seem.  Ms. Wilson adds to her persona by wearing colorful cowboy hats so she can be recognized instantly.

There is not one of us who is without frailties.  I prove that to myself every day even though I set out to avoid showing my shortcomings.  I marvel at people such as these two since it would seem that they have no thoughts about frailties, certainly not personal frailties.  I marvel at the voters who return them to office every two years since they are members of the House of Representatives.  Their districts are obviously heavily Democrat.

There are also some Republicans who seem to get themselves re-elected regularly about whom I might have these same thoughts, but I digress.

We are human.  That goes for us voters as well as it goes for those we elect or send home.  My issues center on those who seem to have elevated themselves in their mind’s eye to statures that are well above they’re actual positions.  These two people instantly come to mind when I think of empty suits or dresses in Congress.  There may be some laws on the books they authored or signed onto before they were passed.  That would happen if you simply went to your congressional office every day during open sessions.

I am very much taken aback at the level of interest the press seems to show in people of this ilk.  Possibly that centers on them both being caricatures of a Congresswoman who are always looking for cameras and microphones.  There is time to be filled, so reporters are likely to settle for anything as the time for broadcast approaches.  Perhaps they are given face time because of their political affiliation.  Perhaps they are simply the most colorful people available.

There are, frankly, few in Congress who shy away from a television camera.  The more their constituents see of them, the more they think they’re well-represented.  The appearance on television is magic.

Would that more voters could see the making of congressional sausage.  It is not a pretty sight especially when something of major import is being batted back and forth.  Dems have seldom seen a great bill from a Republican author; the same holds true for Republicans and Democrat authors.

Democrats are more closely aligned than are Republicans.  There are Republicans and then there are Conservatives within the Republican caucus.  That makes the difference in what we see and therefore assume to be the case.  We see a harried Speaker of the House whose job it is to herd enough cats into the burlap sack to get a bill passed.  The Freedom Caucus, self-named, has sufficient clout as to be able to thwart bills if they choose.

The two flamboyant members of the Democrat Party identified above are, from my perspective, given a pass by the press.  That may be, in part, due to their being black females and it likely has much to do with them being Democrats.  Their frailties, from my perspective, actually work to their advantages given the world in which they move.  I see them more in the light of comediens than of politicians of national stature, and they seem to play their parts to a “T”.  The bombast is always present as if cued with the lights of the camera hitting them.

All this having been said, their votes count the same as anyone else’s in the House, and they stand every two years rather than every six years for Senators.  So, they have staying power in their Districts.  Rather than either of these ladies being labeled as frail beings, I think I’d have to see the voters in their districts wearing that label given their ability to see these as great minds needing to be in Congress.

And we sometimes wonder why we get what we get in our Congress.


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