The North Korean Threat…

North Korea and the belligerence of its dictator continues to take on ominous overtones.  The latest from a Harvard University study suggests that North Korea is developing, or has developed,  a biological-weapons (BW) program involving Plague and Smallpox.  Other reports include Anthrax and Cholera as possible biological agents.  Any or all of these represent a significant danger to us especially when the warnings are coming from what appears to be a deranged megalomaniac.

This should not have come as a great surprise to us since these rumors have abounded for some time.  What this should do is to remind us that this dictator will stop short of nothing in his vitriolic preaching of warnings of what he will do to us, the United States, if we should dare mount an attack on him.

We appear to be in that classic situation where one is damned if he does as well as being damned if he doesn’t.  We know we will be branded as evil if we preemptively take out Kim.  We know he is deranged sufficiently to take preemptive action against us and/or those aligned with us which is almost everyone when it comes to Kim.

Given the choice, and its seeming inevitability, we can dither and dally or we can pull the trigger knowing that many innocents in his country will die and knowing that we will suffer some ‘bad press’ as the ‘Bully State’.  We are the country that inherits these kinds of responsibilities given our power and our history.  This is the current definition of Hobson’s Choice which now is understood as meaning “no choice at all”.

Given that we have no real choice and that delay simply enables North Korea to become more of a danger to us and the rest of the world’s nations, what is stopping us from initiating the attack in one or another form?  Does this imminent danger give our President the right to proceed to protect us from that “imminent danger”?  Does this rise only to the level of something needing to be debated in our Congress?  Is this something the United Nations takes a hand in deciding?

These are the things that find their way into the Oval Office since it seems Congress is only too happy to let the Commander-in-Chief make these kinds of decisions…only to come after him or her with their swords drawn seeking blood after-the-fact unless dissuaded by public opinion.

There comes a time in such situations where the verbiage and history of the offender ultimately must be used to justify the subsequent actions taken.  The key is to not ignore this obvious reality for so long as to have lost the advantage of the first strike that disables the recipient and deprives him the opportunity to shoot back.

This, unfortunately, means that innocents will lose their lives, whatever those lives are like in that world; they are lives.  Yet, it also means that millions of other innocents will not be threatened with the loss of their lives as is the case every day that this dictator draws breaths and has his finger on that trigger.

Yes, it is easy for me to make these pronouncements in a blog.  Would I find it that easy if I sat in the Oval Office?  No. But I believe in my heart-of-hearts that I would find it my God-given obligation to America and the rest of the world to make the decision sooner rather than later given history and present indications.

I am thankful that I am not President Trump.


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