The Deep/Permanent State

These terms refer to the ‘entrenched bureaucracy’ that exists throughout our Federal government.  These are the unelected bureaucrats who can make their own decisions as to what they’ll do or not do.  They are essentially impervious to what you and I may believe is best for our country.

Our Federal government is so large as to be virtually impossible for a President, guiding the ‘ship of state’, to control.  The President determines policy but it is these entrenched bureaucrats who will determine if those policies will or will not work in their world.  They determine if the policies will really be effectively implemented or will simply be paid some level of “lip service”.  This is often called the “Deep State” and we’ve been hearing that term repeatedly since President Trump’s inauguration.

The President selects his people to head each major department of government.  Those people come in with a flourish of press interviews, and vast experience in everything but the Federal government.  They are often ‘titans of industry’ and, as such, they are accustomed to their edicts from on high being followed to the most minute detail by the worker bees.  They have no idea that some on their own staff may not plan to follow their directives but will work to make it seem as though they do.

The entrenched bureaucracy is not visible as such.  It is there nonetheless, and it is very powerful.  Sebastion Gorka, the former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, described attending frequent meetings at the NSC, the National Security Council, where the various participants from the major agencies (NSC, State, Justice, Defense) never once mentioned President Trump’s name or his agenda.  It was as if that agenda didn’t exist or certainly didn’t matter from their points of view.

Gorka suggests that the leaks occurring are part of the entrenched world in Washington, D.C. that has made up its mind as to what Trump will be able to get done, and what won’t get done.  The press loves this element, obviously, since it, too, has no thought of permitting Trump’s agenda to be accomplished, and it can count on the leaks to spice up the press’ version of the ‘news’.

Interestingly, we hadn’t heard a word about this Deep State during the Obama Administration.  That is likely due to the fact that the Deep State was happy with the direction Obama had charted since it agreed with their worldview.  These bureaucrats knew they were getting their own way and had no reason to be anything but gleeful.

Gorka also points to the fact the leaks are huge in this Administration with 125 national security leaks during the first 126 days of the Trump Administration.  This is no accident.  This is no anomaly caused by anything but the new President and his attempts to bring the bureaucracy to heel.

Look at the special investigations ongoing compared to the Obama era.  The entrenched elite has the ability to make this happen since they run the various departments including the FBI, for example.  True, there is an FBI Director, but if he is not of the right political persuasion, his department veterans will make sure he does not get his way with ‘their FBI’.

What do we, the citizens, do about this?  First, we continue to be vigilant in all matters concerning the Federal government.  We make sure we send the right people to Washington, D.C. to serve us in the Congress since that, too, is part of the “Deep State” given all those who work as staffers throughout Washington.

People at many levels in our nation’s capitol have the opportunities to delay or otherwise impede actions that do not serve their personal interests since they are so deeply entrenched in the bureaucracy.  They are especially well equipped since they work in the bowels as well as at the upper echelons of those bodies and have ample opportunity to determine what does and doesn’t get accomplished.

James Peterson, a senior attorney for Judicial Watch is quoted as saying: “The same people are still there.  They’re not just at each of the agencies that are in control,” he said.  Another member of Judicial Watch pointed at that something in the range of 89% of the vote in Washington, D.C. went to Hillary Clinton.  If you go to Arlington, (VA) it’s something like 87 percent.”

That serves to show us that the Deep State has a decided political leaning…very decided apparently.  It also shows us that we the people who put Donald Trump into the Oval office must stay dialed into the goings on in and around our nation’s capitol.  If we take things for granted, we risk being taken.


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