Death Throes of an Ill-Conceived Plan

ObamaCare, as I prefer to continue to call this abomination giving all due credit/responsibility to its creator-in-chief, has begun a much more visible part of the death throes many of us predicted at the onset.  I don’t know how many times I have already preached to the choir on this subject, but here is another example of this poorly thought, poorly executed national health plan.  Yes, it was a national health plan from day #1, that was not supposed to jeopardize the health insurance industry, just destroy its functional necessity.

ObamaCare is performing as was intended by the masterminds that put it together, no matter what they or their apologists may be screaming in press releases.  Anyone with experience in the ‘hows’ of health insurance saw this writing on the wall from day #1.  That has to include its creators since they told us they, in so many words, were the smartest people ever created.  So much for self-aggrandizement on the part of the Democrats and their savior/President Barack Obama.

This has to also include the health insurers who eagerly sought to gain access to this ‘honey pot’.  Those who put it together knew full well it was never going to survive exposure to reality, but that would then “have to be fixed” and the “fix” would be nationalized health care as they had wanted from the very beginning.  All too clever by at least half!

So, as we all might’ve suspected, this debacle has now apparently become the fault of President Trump who inherited this piece of political garbage, from his predecessor, one Barack Obama, at the risk of repeating myself, but one can never give too much credit to the political genius that dreamed up and perpetrated this scam on the American people.

Virtually any of us who have spent any time at all in the health insurance industry could, and did, see this impending debacle from the beginning.  One does not alter the immutable laws of the fiscal risk-taking universe simply by the signing of a piece of paper.  One does not change the actuarial realities by simply wishing them away.  There was full and complete knowledge of forethought when this Obama abomination was created.  And they created it in spite of their knowledge that this would ultimately crash and burn.

In short, the creators and implementers had to have, or well should have, known this was simply a disaster in the making that would be so disruptive and destructive to the health insurance marketplace as to render it moot in short order; thus leading to the only remaining ‘solution’, single-payer health care.

President Trump is making some decisions that ideally will help to mitigate the impact of this disaster for taxpayers but these may be too little and too late not, by the way, his fault, simply his inheritance.  If there is any justice involved in the conduct of politicians, which is sometimes very doubtful, the Dems will pay a dear price for what they did to our health care system and the manner in which it was being financed.

Is there culpability on multiple levels?  Absolutely.  Greed has the power to corrupt and those who thought this was their ‘pot of gold’ were all too quick to go after it thus obscuring some realities.  Among those might be the simple question of why this ‘Ponzi scheme’ would end any differently than did the first such ‘Ponzi scheme’?

I suspect this is but one more of many chapters remaining to be seen in this mess.  And, we’ve only begun to learn what the monetary price for all this will be.  Remember where the blame for all this has to placed…and refuse to be duped as he duped us without paying any price at all for this transgression.

I was told long ago that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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