Limbaugh May Be Right…Again

Rush Limbaugh is one of those more polarizing figures in our political world today, and that is a well-earned sobriquet.  He was quoted as saying that “the Republican Party on balance is not with Trump”.  He went on to explain that he thinks “what Bannon is doing is slowly but surely taking over the role of the Republican Party.  The Republican Party is obviously not with Trump on balance – you have some in the House who are – but the Republican Party on balance is not with Trump.”  Bannon is Steve Bannon of Breitbart News with whom we became better acquainted during the Trump campaign and then during his brief sojourn on the White House staff.

Bannon played a significant role in the Trump campaign, did some time in the White House as chief strategist, and then made his exit back into Breitbart News where his style and temperament are far-better suited.  Bannon has again begun to demonstrate his political power.  He went head-to-head with Trump in endorsing the opponent of Sen. Luther Strange (R) in Alabama.  He recently stated that he is targeting three more Republican Senators who will be running for re-election.  Those three are Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska, Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming and Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah.  He has also been seen as going after Republicans Flake (AZ), Heller (NV) and Wicker (MS).

Bannon is obviously working to get more ‘true’ conservatives into the Senate and just may have the clout, knowledge, and wherewithal to help make that happen.  So, as us conservatives have anguished over the “R” party’s relative ignoring of the true conservative persuasion, it appears that things may be changing and for the better from our perspective.

Rush Limbaugh has publicly staked out some turf, and Bannon appears to be doing what Limbaugh has identified.  I doubt that Rush would be so publicly vocal given the reputation he has to protect if he wasn’t at least 95% convinced he was right.  Might the two be working in concert?

Anything is possible in the world of politics as we’ve all come to understand.  I suspect this might well be the unofficial marrying of two personal positions that meld very well together.  These two people have the conservative creds to make waves for mainstream Republicans when they are faced with bona fide conservatives

There is angst in those of us who are more conservative than the Republican Party seems to be, and that may well feed this newly coined “dynamic duo” since Batman and Robin have gone to their resting grounds.

Bannon and Limbaugh make a very potent team, even if it is an ‘unofficial’ team.  This is the way big powerful movements begin, and Lord knows it is high time for a conservative behemoth such as this new “dynamic duo” if us conservatives are to have the place to stand, such as Archimedes sought, from which we can move the world.

If there ever were two people suited to such a movement, official or not, I cannot imagine a better twosome than Rush Limbaugh and Steve Bannon.  Conservatives will continue to gain political clout because the message is right and the time is upon us.

Let us keep fingers crossed!


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