A 360-Degree Onslaught…

If you’ve paid any attention to ‘the news’ in the past several months, there is a theme that repeats almost every week, sometimes every day, in one or another form.  The target(s), though, is/are constant.  Donald Trump/members of the First Family is/are the target(s) du jour.

Some days the onslaught is more a broadside while other days it is more insidious, but the constant is that anything and everything Trump is the target.  Another constant is that these shots are fired from anywhere in a 360-degree circle; political party seems to make no difference.  In fact, some of the worst shots originate from the Republicans to the glee of the Dems.  How fortuitous to have your opposition do your dirty work.

This onslaught knows no civilities.  Anyone and anything ‘Trump’ is fair game.  The more insidious, the more vicious, the better.  This is anything but an intellectual attack.  This is visceral and ugly.  Name-calling runs rampant as if the White House and the floor of Congress are nothing more than a lowlife playground beside some decrepit schoolhouse in the inner city.  The antagonists ought to be ashamed, but that seems something that is not possible in the nation’s capitol.  The President is an active participant, unfortunately, but understandably.

The ‘bomb-throwers’ change from day-to-day and even from hour-to-hour.  But the target remains anything Trump.  He invaded their neat little 535 member club and he will not be forgiven for having done so.  He is as much the disrupter in politics as he has been in his development world.

Of course, this plays very nicely in the mainstream media.  Notice that the bomb-throwers are extolled in the mainstream press.  This, obviously, provides the grist for the media mill that runs 24 hours/day.

One can reflect on the Obama era where the kid gloves were always worn and nothing resembling this anti-Trump press warfare was anywhere to be seen.  Obama’s excrement had no odor it seems and still doesn’t.  His two terms were a relative “walk-in-the-park” by comparison to this first year of the Trump Presidency.

Am I suggesting a concerted attack on Trump is underway?  Absolutely.  He is disliked immensely by both the Democrats and the media.  His own party, that would be the Republican Party, whether it likes being so-labeled or not, is a somewhat willing participant by action or by non-action as the case might be.  It is, to my mind, unimaginable to think of the Democrat Party acting in such a manner without regard to whom the Democrat might be.  This just would not be happening.  The press wouldn’t be driving it either.

In the meantime, President Trump is trying to govern.  He has proposed a new 70-point plan that, if given due consideration, would help greatly in the battle over illegal immigrants’ children being permitted residency by virtue of birthplace.  It would provide for funding of The Wall.  It would curb federal grants to ‘sanctuary cities’ and it would enable the restricting of the flow of gang members into the U.S.

All that gets lost in the daily din from the press and Trump’s opponents (some of whom are in the Republican Party).  And that is among the reasons for the constant shots at Trump.

Good things would be happening far more quickly if Congress and the press could get their collective acts together, forget, or at least suppress, their visceral hatred for the President, and work for “We the People” as is our Constitutional expectation.  Even as we reflect on the Obama years, there was never this level of hatred of the man that got in the way of meaningful and healthy legislation.  There was a functioning Congress.  There was a press observing what ought to be observed without being obstructionist.

President Trump was elected in spite of what Hillary Clinton thinks.  The Electoral College did its job in spite of what Hillary Clinton thinks.  We The People decided that we wanted President Trump and that did not come with a dysfunctional Congress aided and abetted by the mainstream media.

A word to Republicans: Get your crap together and begin to do the job we sent you to Washington to do.  And, for those of you who are still smarting from Trump’s victory, get over it.  We put Trump in office intentionally.  This wasn’t an accident.  We want changes made and we want them made in this term.  The fallout for ignoring our votes will not be pretty.  We are tired of sliding down the Democrat’s slippery slope.


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