Moonbeam Jerry Brown Redux…

Nearly 80% of Californians, according to the latest survey, oppose policies forbidding cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.”

So, given that significant majority being against the move to sanctuary cities, etc. what does California’s Governor do?  He signed a bill, SB54, named “The California Values Act” into law.  What does that law do?  It bars essential contact between California law enforcement officers and ICE.  Local jurisdictions now may report the release of convicts being released to ICE but they do so voluntarily.  Under the prevailing law of the land, ICE gets notified and if they see an illegal resident on the list, they are able to apprehend that person.

Governor Brown, tagged with the nickname “Moonbeam”, has defied a significant majority of his state’s residents who had already expressed their positions on illegal immigrants and their presence in California.

This in spite of the facts surrounding illegals.  Most of the crimes committed in Texas, California, and Arizona are federal crimes, connected to illegal aliens.  Once in the country, of course, illegal aliens are free to travel to any state in the contiguous union (every state between the Canadian and Mexican borders).  Moonbeam has not only ‘done a number’ on his home state, but has also done the same to all of us in the remaining contiguous 47.

Sanctuaries seem all the rage in Congress given the fact that a state like California can stick its finger in the eye of the other 47, and Moonbeam has done so.  How long will it be, I wonder, before Moonbeam signs legislation that authorizes these folks to have the vote in California on all issues other than federal seats?  Once that is done, how long will it be before other states emulate California due to public pressure?

Once this thread was pulled (yes, was), there is/was the threat of mass unraveling so far as aliens in our country and the rights extended to them.  You may scoff, but remember that the politicians who back such actions would gather virtually 100% of that newfound electorate’s votes.  This is not as farfetched as it may seem at the moment.  If Moonbeam can cause this to occur in California with 80% opposition, why couldn’t other states follow suit?

Look at our Congress.  How long do you think it might be before the Democrats begin to see this as the new group that will give them a majority?  Look at the slowdown tactics of opponents to the Wall.  Might the prospect of more Moonbean-like initiatives make the Wall even more unlikely?  The media, long a liberal voice, would also be interested in taking up the standard to make this more and more viable until it happens.

It seems that us conservatives have been gifted with the duty of crying wolf these days.  That is most conservatives have the duty of crying wolf.  Some conservative poseurs have little or no heart to become involved as they ought if they were real conservatives.  Among those, unfortunately, is the war-hero conservative poseur from Arizona.  It is a shame to have to call him out, but he has forced that upon himself.  He is also a Senator from a border state and that complicates the issue.  Might he already be playing to that voting bloc?

Our world is not always as it seems at first glance.  But it is those first glances that drive too many of us in this country today.  There is scant little time for most to delve more deeply into the person and the positions espoused.

The double-talk from our Congress requires almost constant vigilance in order to avoid being caught in a scheme contrary to what it sounded as though it would be.  The naming of Bills in the House and the Senate can be effective tools for those who pay little or no attention.  If the name makes something sound good, vote for it.  Unfortunately, not all Bills with great names are great Bills.

Skeptics are defined as people who question the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual; a person who maintains a doubting attitude, as toward values,  plans, statements, or the character of others.

It is time for each of us to be a bit more skeptical of what we read and hear.  Know your source and any political leaning that may exist.  I am conservative, therefore most everything you see or hear from me will be from the conservative perspective unless I specifically say otherwise…and even then you need to be sure to double check that, as well.

Trust should come only after a period of time where the proof of position has become quite apparent.


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