North Korea’s Dictator…

Kim Jong Un continues his belligerent ways seemingly oblivious to what those may reap for him and for his country.  He risks the lives of his countrymen and women and children, but then again those people are mere chattel for him to play with; their lives are already damned given that they live in North Korea and have this childlike idiot as their leader.

The latest ‘stupid emperor trick’ is an apparently planned launch of another long-range ballistic missile on or before this coming Tuesday.  Kim Jong Un has been warned, repeatedly, but appears either oblivious to those warnings or simply has a death wish, somehow believing that would make him something to be worshipped over time.

It might well be that the fact there have been multiple warnings accompanied by occasional sabre-rattling, yet with not a single explosion in his backyard, has him believing he is, in fact, invincible.  Monday is the anniversary of Pyongyang’s original nuclear test which dates back to 2006.  Tuesday of next week commemorates 1945’s establishment of the Worker’s Party of Korea.  These would certainly be key dates in that country’s recent history and would serve as dates that could be further enhanced with Kim Jong Un and his countrymen and women and children surviving yet another bellicose shot over our bow.

It would be to our benefit to curtail this madman’s dreams sooner rather than later.  Each of his self-perceived “victories” over us simply provides him the reassurance that he is impervious to our threats, and that he is truly a protected dictator doing what destiny had in store for him from his first breath.

We do not seem to do well when confronted with such threats even though we are positioned to annihilate the country if we determined that was necessary…which is unlikely.  We have a sense of humanity and we are a God-fearing people.  That combination makes it extremely difficult for us to make judgment calls such as these would be.  We also have a necessary relationship with China which has something of a relationship with North Korea.  So, there are diplomatic feelings which may need to be soothed throughout this back-and-forth between our countries.

We seem to have pretty good intelligence as to where this madman is in his country.  If that were to be deemed sufficiently reliable, we could target the pudgy Kim with precise weaponry and spare the vast majority of North Koreans.  That might serve to get them out-from-under this dictator and provide breathing room for a new leader to emerge with whom civilized discussions could be conducted leading to a more benign North Korea.

I think it is going to be necessary to take some kind of action to eliminate Kim Jung Un, and I’d personally vote to avoid, as much as is possible, a broad destructive hit for the rest of that country.  That could always be done if it were determined the first action hadn’t gotten the job done.

This current back-and-forth simply plays into the dictator’s hands and appears to make him more belligerent rather than less belligerent.  If we continue to ‘humor him’ so to speak, we undercut our own position of strength, as well as our standing with other countries especially in that part of the world.

A good start would be to blow the next missile from the sky, followed by an immediate air attack on his various known palaces.  He needs to know, without any doubts, that his time on this planet is very limited if he continues to tweak our country’s nose.  We can make this action known a few minutes before launch with the major countries of that area, both allies and potential adversaries.

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.


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