Really? A Double Standard?

A member of President Trump’s cabinet, Tom Price, the former HHS Secretary was fired over his use of nearly $1,000,000 dollars of taxpayer money on private jets and military flights.  Lo and behold, we learn that this isn’t just an affectation of Republicans; it also appears to be a bit of a problem for some Democrats.  Since Tom Price was ‘retired’ from government service over this scandal, it might seem fitting that the ‘rule’ be applied equally to members of both major political persuasions.

Were this to be done, another person would be out looking for a new job.  The House of Representatives Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has made a habit of the use of military aircraft rather than commercial aircraft for much of her travel.  That might seem frugal if we were to compare costs for the use of military aircraft vs. costs for ticketing on commercial aircraft.  However, the full cost of the military flights would have to be considered versus simply the cost of tickets on commercial flights.

I expect we’d see costs increasing by magnitudes based on such a comparison.  Military aircraft of the same type as civilian aircraft would have very similar operating costs and that would be totally charged to Ms. Pelosi vs. that cost being spread across all passengers on commercial flights.

But, the costs don’t stop with the simple cost of passage, the seat price.  Rep. Pelosi appears to enjoy a bit of the ‘drink’ and since she is something approximating Royalty in the American system (in her personal opinion, if nowhere else), her tastes are sometimes a bit exorbitant in this area as well as in the costs of liquor preferred.

In a single two-year period, Judicial watch reports her total expenses for such military flights including extras (such as Grey Goose vodka, Johnny Walker Red scotch, Courvoisier cognac, Jack Daniels whiskey, Bombay Sapphire Gin, etc., etc.) totaled $2,100,744.59.  That amounted to a cost of $17,391 per hour of flight.  Given that she was in Washington, D.C. on the ground for quite a period of time vs. the amount of time flitting from there to California, we begin to better understand the largess she presumes is due her given the relatively short time periods during which she is airborne.

There appears little or no equity between Mr. Price and Ms. Pelosi.  He lost his job, and probably should have, but Ms. Pelosi just keeps on charging…charging us for her expensive tastes in flights and in drink during those flights.

If our press were an equal opportunity impaler, Pelosi would be ‘hoisted several times over on her won pitard’.  But, sadly, that never seems the way things political seem to work.  Liberals are given all the slack possible while conservatives are drummed out of office at the first hint of something even a bit untoward in their practices or background.

We plainly see the double standard between Ms. Pelosi (D) and Mr. Price (R).  By the way, President Donald Trump (R) has issued orders cutting the privilege of government-owned aircraft use by members of his Administration.

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